Cheap Cottonelle at Wags – today

This is the only day to get free shipping at Walgreens and the promo code TAKE25 and both $1 digital coupons, so you’ll end up paying $7.50 plus tax.  ’cause you can never have too much toilet paper.

Note:  I originally placed this order, but the cart mysteriously emptied during payment, then only the CleanCare was available, so I added two packages of that and ended up with the same subtotal 🙂

11×14 poster print at Walgreens $1.99

Use promo code 1114POSTER, choose store pick up and your $10.99 11×14″ poster price will drop to $1.99 plus tax.  Don’t know the end date for this code.  And I remind you, don’t try this with your mobile device ’cause most of the time the codes don’t work and the sizing is wonky.  Use the highest resolution possible when you upload your picture.  Hearing six more photo deals before Christmas.

very cheap Colgate at Walgreens

Not the freebies we all know and love, but if you’re somehow running low and Colgate is your preferred brand of toothpaste, this week Walgreens has select varieties on a Buy 2 get a $6 Register Reward promotion.  There’s also a $1 digital coupon you can clip (one use only), which means you’ll pay 98¢ plus tax for the two large tubes.  I also picked up a couple of Nature Made supplements since they’re BOGO, there’s a $2 digital coupon plus a $1.50 Ibotta  (limit 2).  Sometimes you have to actually pay for stuff 🙁

Walgreens for free Crest toothpaste

Walgreens has a $2.99 price on many of the Crest products plus a $5/3 digital coupon plus a $4 Register Reward when you buy three, so put them all together and you have a subtotal of $3.97 plus tax, which I paid with points from last week’s Charmin/Puffs dealio (I won’t bore you with how many points I earned – almost like old times).  Ended up 60¢ OOP and got my $4 RR.  Can’t believe their digital coupons have worked a couple of times in a row!  Ready to call CNN about Breaking News.

Free 8×10 at Walgreens

Get a FREE 8×10 print at Walgreens with promo code EIGHT19 and in-store pick up. Your total will be $3.99 before code and zero afterwards.  Don’t use the Walgreens APP  ’cause it’s wonky; use above link to avoid issues with sizing and codes when you use a mobile device.  Choose the highest possible resolution.  This was originally released (twice) as an APP-only code … which didn’t work either time.  Now it’s working online as well.