TRU LUVS U: 7 games for $4

Photo1.jpgBy now you’ve probably seen the front page of this week’s TRU’s ad with the incredible sale on Hasbro games – we’re talking $3 games, down from $10!  And to sweeten it all the more, today’s Smart Source has $2 and $3 coupons.

Big deal, Goddess, I can almost hear you say, we get deals like this all the time!  But notice the circle in the upper right hand corner with gift card promotion:  Spend $35 on Hasbro board games and get a $10 TRU gift card.  The card isn’t activated for 6 hours, so you can’t immediately roll this into another deal.

There is a limit of two like games per transactions, which is pretty easy to hit.  I shopped at the Downers Grove store on Butterfield and they were not only well-stocked, they had tons of employees for assistance.  Using two board games ($20) and five $3 games, you hit $35.  Use either the $3 or $2 coupons (all scan) and you’ll pay as little as $14 and get a $10 TRU gift card.

Half-price diapers at TRU?

ToysRus is giving out $20 TRU gift cards when you buy 2 boxes of their Babies R Us brand diapers, 72 ct or higher.  I’ve read some stores have Value Packs for $10, but around here I only saw the regularly-priced ones for $19.99.    Buy two for $40 and get a $20 gift card.  You won’t be able to roll this immediately – shelf tag says the card won’t be activated for 6 hours – but I don’t see why you couldn’t run it several times over the course of the promotion (ends February 10).  Check out your local TRU and BRU – maybe you’ll spot those Value Packs!

LEGO Star Wars podracers – may the farce be with you

The captioned picture is the model showing in this week’s Target sales ad for $30.  This is definitely a ymmv situation, because I was unable to find ANY Target with these in stock – the smaller stores don’t even have a shelf tag.  No Walmart carries it (checked regular and Supers) either.  I was able to get this model on a price match (with the ad) at a TRU location, but again, ymmv.  Sale price at TRU is $94+!

Here is the Target stock number if you want to start calling:  204001096.

Tuesday freebies

Free APP of the Day from Amazon is Body & Weight Monitor.  Track your body’s changes over time with Body & Weight Monitor, an app for your Android device and Kindle Fire. Whether you want to follow the effects of a diet or workout regimen, a developing baby bump, or a child’s growth, Body & Weight Monitor offers a simple, intuitive system for tracking bodily changes over time.

It’s Tuesday, which means one free clothing item from any Sears Outlet when you use your Shop Your Way loyalty card.   Click here to get to the coupon landing page.

Your outlet store first has to carry apparel (duh), which pretty much narrows the field.

FREE Chuggington wooden engine from TRU – no purchase necessary and you get your choice of engines.  This coupon is valid only through the 30th. I’m taking this down because it’s a coupon from an email sent to an individual and was meant as a one-time use only.

Free 1-year subscription to Travel + Leisure, courtesy of freebizmag, when you sign up for the Hot Deals newsletter.  Sign up for their daily emails and see what deals they’ll offer you.

Free Nivea Lip Care. You’re required to upload a photo of your choice to their FB page and then you get a coupon for a freebie.  If it’s an IP, good luck finding a store to accept it…

Matchbox Smokey The Fire Truck $24.68

Matchbox Smokey The Fire Truck is selling for $24.68 on both Amazon and Target – TRU still shows $59.99 list price.

  • Smokey is a real working fire truck brought to life
  • This interactive buddy talks, tells jokes, eats, exercises and sings
  • Smokey is a freewheeling friend complete with movable hoses that spray water mist
  • Features expandable ladders and sensors that respond to the child’s movements

Includes batteries, so it’s good to go right out of the box.  wow, this entire line sounds cool.