need free dog food?

unnamed (9)Petco has a coupon for a Free 4-5 lb bag of Nutro dry dog food on their site; you must be a Petco PALS member to use.  I used it at my local Petsmart (they take competitor coupons) since it’s closer and I’m lazy.  You’ll need a PetSmart PetPerk loyalty card.  PetSupplies Ltd used to take competitor coupons; haven’t shopped there in quite some time and their site sucks donkey balls.

Since it’s a store coupon, I paid no sales tax.

New PetSmart coupon

UntitledHere’s a nifty PetSmart $5 off Natural or Specialized Dog or Cat Food, any size.  I would definitely be checking out the clearance bags (and the small ones at that!) because this stuff is pricey!  But for those of you with special-foods pets, it’s a great find.  Print as many as you’d like (it’s a pdf) and stack with a high-value manufacturer coupon.  You have until October 8th.

And you know you’re not limited to PetSmart, right?  Pet Supplies Plus and Petco both take competitor’s coupons (at least they did the last time I was around).

Natural: Blue Buffalo, Castor & Pollux ORGANIX & Ultramix, Hill’s Ideal Balance, Innova, Nature’s Recipe, Nutro Natural Choice, Nulo, Nutro Max, Nutro Ultra, Simply Nourish, Wellness

Specialized: Authority, Bil-Jac/Farmer’s Bounty, Eukanuba, Hill’s Science Diet, Pet Botanics, Pro Plan, Royal Canin.

Get your ProPlan plus overage!

Here’s a few more coupons to add to your total – once you’re at $25 you’ve scored more overage!  Remember, Big Box Pet Stores all accept each other’s store coupons (they’re getting nasty about the freebies, though).



And yet another reason to get a pet (or grab some donation items – or feed a senior, heck I don’t care!).   PurinaPro $8 coupon.

Target, Walgreens and in between


Did one full loop from my house to Target and back – whew! Target had a stack of GE Reveal $4 mfr coupons on the shelf and the ceiling fan bulbs were $3.84 – – used the overage from the $4 and the $2 Target coupons to reduce the price paid for my six DiGiorno pizzas and Nicoderm patches (14 ct boxes); the slight overage from the Iams wet cat food helped to reduce my OOP as well. So the total for the bulbs, pizzas/Coke, Iams and Nicoderm was $80…price of one box of Nicoderm is $39.99.

Photo.jpgWhile at Target, look for these Game Day Greats coupon booklets.  They contain $14 in store coupons on products like Kraft cheese, Ro-Tel products… Dates are through 3/2/14. they also contain recipes.

The price of Speedstick at Walgreens (at least by me) is well over $3 – obviously not gonna help us with a BOGO sale when the BOGO coupon value is only up to $2.99. Solution? Grab the clearance varieties (check the UPC against the clearance sticker because things get messed up) which are also ringing up BOGO and you’ll end up paying high tax. I got the four here for 27¢ and earned 150 points.  Looks like they’re clearing out quite a few men’s and women’s varieties.

Hope you’ve been successful in your dog and cat food stockup – I have!

need free pet food????


Petco has a coupon for one free bag of Purina Pro dry dog (up to 6 pounds) or cat food (up to 3.5 pounds) together on the same page with a coupon for $10 off Pro Pan dry dog or cat food. Limit one per household – – but the other big box pet stores take competitor’s coupons!  Which means at least three free bags but wait!  Since these are store coupons, you can use the $3/1 Purina Pro dry cat food coupon in the 12/08 rp stacked with the $10 store coupon and pay only a buck or two for a 3.5 pound bag of dry cat food (dog food was $14.99 at Petco and $13.99 at PetSmart – I assume cat food prices are similar).  There is also a $2 coupon for Purina Pro dog snacks in the 11/17 S – PetSmart had these on clearance for $3 something.  And if you’re running low on funds, you can mix small amounts of dry cat food with the dog food.  Mind you, it’s not a good idea to give ’em all cat food, but some firms up their stools slightly.  and now a perfect segue into…

Hope you got lots of firecracker chicken tonight – we did!  And no, we do not drive around from one Panda Express location to another wasting time and gas!  Instead you determine where you’re going and what else you need/want to hit up along a circular route.  In our case, we gabbed at Rachel’s and grabbed more stuff at a Walgreens outside my usual comfort zone, picked up dog food and shopped at Yorktown!  The Cinnabon store in the food court was closing for the night and offered us bags of cinnamon twisty-things and containers of dipping stuff for a buck a bag.  Never tried them, but they sure are tasty little suckers!

Free Nutro dry dog food


Nutro has a rebate offer (up to $39.99) for their 15 pound bags of dry dog food. I picked up a couple at PetsuppliesPlus and found tearpads all up and down the aisle. Just in case you aren’t as lucky, here’s the link to the Nutro site with the rebate form.  I also used $5 off of $25 coupons from Petco (PetsuppliesPlus accepts other store’s coupons), but this coupon is only valid this weekend.  The receipt must be dated between December 30th and February 2nd and postmarked by February 16th.

deals on dry dog food @ PetSuppliesPlus

photo.JPGI stopped at PetSuppliesPlus; it’s next to my bank and they often have clearance deals on high-quality dog food.  I’ve learned that the cheap stuff only generates more, shall we say, waste…

Lots of Canyon Creek dog food on clearance for $17.97.  Even though that’s $12 off the regular price, I’m not jumping for joy, but when there’s a $10 coupon taped to each bag…I load up the car.

In point of fact, I not only took all the bags at that store, I stopped at the Bolingbrook location on my way back from Food4Less (Schick Hydro 5 razor deal) and made their day, too!  The 5 lb bags were $12.97, so $2.97 after the coupon (no size restrictions) and the 11 pounders were $17.97.  Dates were end of the year.  Since the bags are those heavy plastic ones, I don’t have to worry about them tearing.

Check out your local store because this seems to be all PetSuppliesPlus locations.  If the bags only have the $5 coupons, ask if they have the $10 ones by the front register (the coupon storage drawer).

$5 off $25 or more Petco

Reader shot me this info:  On April 14th and 15th, Petco will offer $5 off a $25 or more purchase with this store coupon.  There doesn’t appear to be a limit to how many you can print – but obviously a limit to your wallet.  I’ve used these store coupons at PetSmart and PetSupplies Plus in the past.

I would strongly suggest saving this coupon now, because it’s likely to disappear within the next ten days.