Free Pillsbury cookies today at Jewel

Today (7/13) only, get a free package of Pillsbury Ready to Eat Soft Baked Cookies at Jewel when you say “Pillsbury Cookies” at the register. Choose from Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cookie with Confetti Sprinkles, Sugar Cookie with Icing Drizzle and Peanut Butter Cookie with Chocolate Drizzle flavors. No codes, coupons or loyalty account required – cashier will scan the free UPC paper.  Add the .50/1 digital coupon on your loyalty account if you want to make money (hey, it will probably work) or forget it and hit up a couple of stores for free cookies. ’cause free cookies are good cookies.

new free 80 ct Mediwiper offer at Jewel

gawd, I loathe the updated Jewel APP.  Go to your U™ account, click Free Offers and you should see the above Mediwiper wipes offer.  Both Pita and I got this (not under personalized deals), but maybe you’ll get something else.  Don’t bother hunting for anything on their APP, ’cause  … you know why.  You’ll find these on the shelf next to hand soaps (they also have teeny weeny packs for a buck)

no Saturday Sampler today

Today we get zero Saturday Samplers.  Why am I posting a column about nothing then?  Well, other than it seemed to work for Seinfeld.  More and more of the Personalized Prices are private label so it’s easy to make an Aldi comparison … and guess who loses in that cage fight?  Picked up quarts of half and half for $2.09 yesterday (Aldi doesn’t carry half gallons most of the year); my Personalized Price is $4.34 for a half gallon of Lucerne.   I do get a laugh from the International Category, because it’s always a salsa (oooh!), except this week, when it’s Tasty Bites, a product my store no longer even carries.  The rewards are gonna be adding up even more slowly on my JFU account.

Another week, another JFU freebie

The updated Jewel APP is truly horrible.  If you go to your JFU account and click Free Offers, you should see the above Mediwiper wipes (or even something completely different).  This time it only shows up on Free Offers, not on Personalized Deals like last time, when it showed up in both places.  Don’t bother hunting for anything on their APP, ’cause  … you know why. Wonder if they’ll ever get in stock for this freebie 🙂

2 new plant protein JFU freebies

If you’ve recently updated the Jewel APP – – god help you, ’cause it’s truly horrible.  Just when you think they can’t mess up customer service even more, they prove us wrong.  If you go to your JFU account and click Free Offers, you should see the above products.  Both Pita and I got them and it doesn’t say personalized deal.

Clearance coffee at Jewel (75% off)!

Given the number and brands of coffee on the clearance cart today, there must be a reset going on – be sure to check your own Jewel!  Ended up with 41 bags of coffee, a few bottles of organic flax seed oil (for cooking) and a pack of 2ply Fiora toilet paper for 99¢ (only one left).  Total hit $100 – – which definitely surprised the register!  Green Mountain bags (light, medium & dark roast) were $2 each – everything was discounted by 75%.