Clearance Cart Shopping

Wow, all these cases of 1L Purell hand sanitizer on the clearance cart tonight for $1.99 each can’t be real!!!

And you’d be right.  I found 19 bottles on a basement shelf, called over and found my local Jewel wasn’t getting their own sanitizers either, so I donated 19 bottles.  About killed me ’cause this is almost a mortgage payment right now.  Just had to take a dick pic first 🙂  Look on Facebook for a couple of other photos.

new week, new JFU zip codes

Start of a new sale week, so once again it’s time to play Check your Store and see what JFU freebie or cheapie you can get by switching locations! Switch to 60025 for 99¢ Oreos (limit 1), but if you get two packs clip the 50¢ off milk coupon, 99¢ King’s Hawaiian bread, $2.99 4ct bakery muffins, 69¢ Jewel large eggs, 99¢ Signature Farms breakfast sausages, 99¢ Signature SELECT thin crust pizza.  Zip code 60439 has FREE 12pk bubly with purchase of THREE Pepsi 12 oz can 12 pks and unlimited Pepperidge Farm cookies for $2.62. Although the items will disappear from your list once you change stores, they’ll reappear when you swap back, but still come off no matter where you shop.  Make sure to always add those bonus coupons ’cause you just never know…

and they call our stockpiles crazy …

These were taken within the last hour at my local Jewel where they’re on track to a daily total matching (if not topping) Christmas Eve.  What is wrong with all these people?  Are they delusional enough to think they’ll be taking up bread baking and living off the grid?  So laugh, people, ’cause I have an upright freezer full of almost-free meat and plant-meat and dessert, a few giant Charmin packs, facial tissue plus milk and half and half in the garage fridge. and we’re the crazy ones…

closing salad bars?

One of my Jewels (yes, I deal with a few) said the rumor was salad bars would be closing down at the end of the day as a virus precaution.  Mind you, there’s nothing on their Facebook page or website, so who knows.  Just passing along the info.

pasta shopping

I’ll be placing a special order in a day or two (when we finish clipping), but picked up the photo items for food tax of 35¢.  Coupon scanned beautifully at self-check.  Got a free can of O Organics canned tomatoes in my Monopoly pieces.  woot!