Propel freebie at Jewel

One Freebie at Jewel on the Saturday Sampler:  20 oz bottle of Propel Water.  Expires 4/1. Don’t forget to not only add the coupon, but to click the box when it’s in your Store Basket (two steps).  stupid

Jewel Just F U Deals

So I not only added the Free eggs, the 49¢ 2L Coke, the 99¢ InnovAsian, but thought I’d see if the digital $1 coupon which reduced the InnovAsion to 99¢ was a store or manufacturer coupon (’cause store means free…it’s a mfr).  Not only did nothing come off – – my number was out of the system!  I tried entering repeatedly, the cashier entered the number a couple of times, but each time the register screen said to enter a number.  Front End newbie told me to call the number at the bottom of the receipt.  Told him basically he’s new and doesn’t realize this is Dominick’s Just Fuck U software he’s gonna be dealing with.  Cashier confirmed that this had already happened a couple of times today with missing numbers – when PITA checked out her number went right on through.

And yes, I not only added the coupons, I clicked the boxes once they showed up on My List.  A double-step to save – go team loser…

Jewel Clearance Shopping

I’ve seen both of these at a couple of different Jewel stores, so maybe you’ll luck out. I paid 37¢ for each Health Warrior bar and there’s a 50¢ Ibotta rebate with a limit of 5 per receipt – makes me money and PITA likes them.  Paying 37¢ for organic Alessi pasta is never a bad move, although the Ibotta rebates on those are only for Kroger and Walmart 🙁

Add your Just For U coupons here

Well, who says you need to toss out expired tabs, etc. when you redo a site?  Turns out the Load Coupons tab contains what used to be the Just for U Dominicks page, but now it’s for Jewel!  So if you’re looking for digital coupons to add to your account, click, login and away you go.  Just call me a data hoarder…

Lots expire today, since tomorrow is the new sales week, but there are others running for another week.  and some nice ones start tomorrow 🙂

Clearance Cart shopping at Jewel

Pretty pitiful selection – pitiful in the pricing, I mean.  They have two different people (in two different areas) doing clearance and one of those people is delusional.  Picked up the Eden black soy beans at 49¢ ’cause PITA wanted them.  Lord knows we have plenty of beans in the stockpile, but when I make chili I like to use different varieties.