Groupon: $25 JCP portrait gift cards – worth $125!



Groupon just started this Holiday Gift Card Collection and deals will be added throughout the Holiday season. These are both eCards and the actual plastic kind.

The JCP portraits gift card is valid at any studio nationwide and doesn’t expire until January 2015.  A great way to make sure you’ll always have a deal!

JCP for hoochie mamacitas

8703183422_6f2338814b_nSo I finally got out of the house – had to run a few errands, one of which was to pay the water/sewer bill that arrived during our forced evacuation. Oh, the irony! I’d be happy to trade some sewage for a lower rate.

DH, PITA and I went up to Kohl’s for new towels. I also needed to hit up the Sephora in the Yorktown JCP for some Smashbox foundation (guys, don’t ask).  DH said, “Can’t you buy that at Target?”  We humored him, just laughed and entered JCPenny, passing through what can only be described as the hoochie mamacita department, with row upon row of dresses similar to the ones in the photo.  Sizes were pre-teen.  ouch…

The Mall…and other circles of hell

Wanted to run all our coupons together ’cause I hate mall shopping — much easier to buy stuff online.

You see here gleanings from three stores at Yorktown Mall:  CPS, Fannie May and JCP.  First store was JCP.  I picked up two value packs of boxers on sale for $9.99.  Cashier said I couldn’t use the $10 ’cause it was more than the item (and suggested I put both sets on one bill – hahahahaha).  I suggested PITA and I stand there waffling until the line behind us went around the building and out into the parking lot.  They raised the price of the items to $10.01 and I ended up paying a penny for each transaction.  So OOP 2¢.

Next stop was Fannie May to use up a couple of those $10 coupons.  Let’s not count these, okay?

Hit up Carson’s with the $10 coupon from today’s paper.  Picked up four of those K-cups on sale for $11.98.  Each one then came to $2.02 with tax.  So $8.08.

Decided to pick up four more pairs of boxers.  Stood in line for most of the holiday season only to find out that they were considered “incredible value or savings, or some stupid advertising slogan,” so I couldn’t use the coupons.  grrrrr

Went back to coffee section and picked up four more boxes of k-cups.  Finally get to register and cashier says that she was just told that the coupon is only one per person.  I believe her because she was the same cashier from before.  So paid for two – $4.04 – and went to another register.  Another $4.04.

Went by the Fannie May and picked up another couple of bags of candy – chocolate fudge with nuts.  Nuts make fudge a health food, so these bags don’t count, either.

OOP today was $16.18 (at least my candy health snack was less).

JCP – your codes work for me…

Trying for a bit of rhyme here…JCPenny has this 9% cash back promo through ShopAtHome, which you can combine with the JCP sale that started today at 3 pm:  $10 off any order of $25+.  There is also a MIR on some of the small appliances, but I was drawn to the clearance toasters.This cooks brand energy-saving 2-slice toaster was originally $79.99 (!)  It’s now on clearance for $29.99, but take off $10 using promo code GET2SALE or free to-store shipping and subtract 9% cash back from using this ShopAtHome jcpenney link ($1.80).  You can also get the coupon on your phone by texting COUPON to JCP365 (527365).

NOTE:  You are only able to use ONE promo code per order, so pick either free shipping to store or $10 off your order.  Shipping to store for this toaster would be about $5.99 with home delivery at $7.99.  Doesn’t matter if you order online or by phone.  Unless you decide to print out the coupon and just hit the mall…but then you don’t get the 9%:  decisions, decisions



We love Converse shoes in this house.  FirstBorn wears high-tops year-round for the most part and PITA has gone through lots of pink ones.  I often forget (ok, always) to post the JCP deals, but they give Kohls a run for their money.  Click on the link to sign up for their emails to learn the best upcoming deals, get coupons, etc.  pssst. that’s where i got this cool picture

JC Penney

IF you are a confirmed JC Penney shopper AND hate missing out on current deals running, sign up for their emails (use your alternate).  I know I should be looking more at the JCP promotions because, like Kohl’s, they often run some very sweet deals.  Tell you what:  You sign up and let me know what’s hot, ok?  thanks.