Washable pee pads

Was finally able to put out a couple of loads of laundry the other day – first time this year!  These are washable pee pads I use inside since my dogs won’t go out when it’s cold, damp, dark or by themselves – – in that last respect they’re rather like teenage girls 🙂  If you’re looking for pads that don’t shred or move around the floor, you can’t miss with washables.  I’ve been using this brand for years – each pad lasts about a year, so you buy enough 2pks to get you through laundry days.  They also work really well for children who still have night accidents, since they’re cloth and putting one under the fitted sheet means you don’t see or hear it until it’s been used.  Save that mattress!  EntirelyPets has them on sale for 24% off plus there’s a 14% Earth Day discount and you automatically earn points towards future purchases.  Amazon has them for $19.99 with a $25 free ship threshold.