Feeding America donation: 1 time or monthly

Feeding America is a nationwide network of food banks and the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity. Consumers can donate to their effort with a one time or monthly donation and help to feed over 46 million people.

Most of my donations are set up as monthly ones since the small amounts aren’t noticed but by the end of the year they’re not that small any more!

Back on the Walmart payroll & more free Tide @ Jewel


Wanted to run a price match on the El Monterey breakfast burritos but the Glen Ellyn Walmart is such a clusterf**k during construction that you go from being carded for booze when you first walk in to being asked if you need help to your car by the time you check out.  Sucks the life force out of you faster than raising children will.

I “only” had six of the $5.00 off any two Almay Cosmetic Products, but used the overage from the make-up removers to grab a couple of bags of taters, Tootsie Roll Pops, a Hello Kitty notebook and a birthday card for PITA – total OOP was -$5.39, which I had them put back on my gift card. Still no Hydroxy shakes on the shelf or in the back.


Stopped in at Jewel because I had a few more Tide coupons to use.  Jewel has the breakfast burritos for a buck and used the $1.00 off any one El Monterey Breakfast Burrito, so free, and definitely not worth my time and gas to drive to Meijer or a larger Walmart for 12¢ overage!  I got $1 overage from the $3 cheez doodles printable (1 day coupon offer only), used one $2/3 and a bunch of the $1 Tide printables.  OOP was 94¢

Stopped at the Lisle Food Pantry to drop off more Caress soap and some plush toys for Easter baskets; told them to expect some nice things to come their way from the April 19th coupon/stockpile swap at the Lisle Library.

Donate your goods to the Salvation Army

UntitledHere’s a post I can really get behind because The Salvation Army is a charity to which I donate every month (auto withdrawal – I’m lazy).  They do good stuff and I liked Guys and Dolls…

Not only can you donate used goods (obviously gives them the biggest bang for the buck), here’s something I did not know:  charities like The Salvation Army love to get old, ripped, stained or buttons-missing clothing!  Not for resale in their stores, but for resale in the secondary “rag trade” markets, where textile recycling is a billion dollar industry.  I read about this in the Tribune and did a post a couple of years ago.

suggested donation item

If you’re looking for some decent donation items, clip the FREE Poligrip coupon from 8/26 S; they’re $2.29 at Walgreens and the coupon goes up to $2.60. This is not an overage situation, it’s just FREE up to that maximum amount. Bought one just to test tax – 4¢ a tube, so I placed an order at Walgreens for 87 tubes.  Cheap way to make a lot of people happy.  and goddess knows how bad they’ll be hurting for business starting next week…