Fire 7 Kids Pro Tablet only $59.99

$5-$12-$20 off Fire Sticks & Cubes

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

(CNN) —  Hunting for buzzy, quality products on Amazon is not unlike searching for buried treasure. You dig and dig, and when you finally come across something that hits the ultimate trifecta — it’s got a gazillion positive reviews, is decidedly cheap and is actually great — well, the satisfaction is on par with finding that treasure. (Or finding, say, an incredible $25 Amazon ice roller that immediately depuffs your face.)

The latest cult-favorite Amazon beauty must-have checks all these boxes and is definitely considered a treasure among its devoted users. The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is a natural, calcium bentonite clay mask that the brand declares is akin to the “world’s most powerful facial.” And Amazon reviewers agree. The mask currently has more than 30,000 reviews (75% of which are 5-star) and the product’s organic hashtag, #aztecclaymask, has some 60,000 posts linked to it.  CNN article is here.

Teeter FreeStep Cross Trainer & Elliptical

Blackout & Darkening Drapes

Room darkening and black out drapes/curtains and valances by Deconovo are included in today’s Amazon deal – most about one-third off.  I swapped out the old drapes a few years ago for blackout ones and yes, they really do make a difference, especially in daytime, when you’re trying to watch something on a screen and the sun makes everything one big glare.  Our old drapes were professional, couldn’t be washed and cost a fortune – these go in the machine 🙂