Back at last

Short post and then back to deals.  I was in the hospital on the condemned floor from Monday through yesterday, and it was impossible to get online with anything over dial-up speed – honestly, they should call it WI-IF.  I call it condemned because the floor is being closed down within the next ten days and has never been modernized or updated; luckily FirstBorn had a screwdriver handy to tighten the light switch plates back to the wall, but the heat lamp timer???? well, that was completely pulled away from the wall and my suggestion of throwing water on it wasn’t seconded by my family 🙁  It literally took 20 minutes for the water in the shower to reach wash temperature (yeah, I timed it).  Maybe more later, but all the employees were super.

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5 thoughts on “Back at last

    • I have a port in my arm and have to go for daily antibiotics for a couple of weeks, but that’s just down the street and I’m on COD break, so it’s good. Nothing life-threatening… unless you consider my response to some doctors 🙂

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