Another week, another JFU freebie

The updated Jewel APP is truly horrible.  If you go to your JFU account and click Free Offers, you should see the above Mediwiper wipes (or even something completely different).  This time it only shows up on Free Offers, not on Personalized Deals like last time, when it showed up in both places.  Don’t bother hunting for anything on their APP, ’cause  … you know why. Wonder if they’ll ever get in stock for this freebie 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Another week, another JFU freebie

  1. Got an email stating they are updating the app to Jewel Osco for U. Adding new things and taking away some. It cannot get much worse, or can it???

    • Saw it, read it, hit delete. Getting a birthday freebie of a store or weird brand item (’cause aren’t they all?) doesn’t do it for me. The APP update sucks donkey balls, so I have to do everything from my desktop.

      And if you can’t find the Mediwiper product, it’s in the liquid soap aisle (next to Dove at my Jewel).

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