another day, another security breach

Frankly, this is the second time in December a checking account has been hacked and I’m beyond pissed.  It’s Uber taking cash in both cases and, without going into all the details, these are two different accounts and neither have used Uber (one actually used a debit card deactivated six months ago!) AND I’m the one who has to complete forms and wait weeks for the conditional credits to be restored, so it’s about time to hunt for another bank.  I’ve used First American Bank for all our household banking for over twenty years and since I am unable to contact them (no fraud people currently available, please call later), I’m looking for a new bank.  piss on ’em, especially since they don’t have Grandma commercials any more.  I’m good with a completely online bank, but FirstBorn wants one with a brick and mortar location that he can go yell at if necessary – go figure.

Any suggestions?  I like Ally, but it’s only online; another choice might be Schwab, since they’re B&M and I have a relationship already with them.

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