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Stopped by to see what they were offering and yes, the Naperville store not only had the ad with $10/$20 coupon as you walked in, they were handing out mailer coupons along with coffee Coke, bandanas and much more, as you can see.  We picked up a sandwich with free soup; their sandwiches are on the level of Jersey Mike’s and even though the flyer says small soup, they only offer medium and large (fine print does read medium).  While half and half price has increased ($1.60/qt to $1.98), eggs remain the same.

So far we’ve gotten Easter dessert (NY-style cheesecake) and more bacon, ’cause at 50% off you can’t have too much bacon, right?  AHA was $2.99, so a nice treat.  Even though the cashier kept our coupons (weird, huh?), we have so many and they’re still in the ad in front, so who’s complaining?  We’ll stop by again for more bacon and who knows what.  Every day is different for freebies – today was Feast and Farm, tomorrow something and Flicks.

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2 thoughts on “Amazon Fresh Freebies Today

  1. You may want to really stock up on as much cheap food right now as you can. All I hear from LOTS of different sources is that food is going to be a REAL problem as this year goes on. All we need is a swine flu & we hit the trifecta! Ask the farmers what type of costs they are incurring that will be passed on to this year’s crop prices & animal feed. Currently, we are still eating food from last year & animals are being fed those plants & grains from last year. You’d be wise to pick up an extra freezer or two if you have the room & can pick up a used one or two on your favorite online resale sites.

    • You make some very valid points here. We’re eating a lot more non-meat protein and that’s shelf-stable, along with rice and legumes. Canned meats like Spam (from Aldi) are surprisingly tasty in fried rice – apparently it’s super common in Filipino cooking – and also shelf-stable.

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