all you need is that one cashier…

A Dollar General shopper in Florida got $2,125 worth of gift cards by using the same few coupons over and over again. Her cashier got a couple of bottles of hand sanitizer as a “thank you.” Now, the cashier has lost her job, has a felony conviction on her record and owes $1,452.50 – while her customer is in the clear.

Hope that hand sanitizer was worth it!

Nearly nine months after her arrest, 21-year-old Shatina McMullen of Leesburg, Florida has been convicted of grand theft, after entering a plea of no contest. She faced a potential prison sentence of five years, but instead has been sentenced to time served, plus $1,452.50 in court costs and fines.  Here’s the Coupons in the News article.

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2 thoughts on “all you need is that one cashier…

  1. Wow! I never get that good of a deal at DG! I’m just floored when a coupon actually scans correctly.
    I don’t believe for one second that this cashier did not know the shopper. I think they couldn’t locate her because she did not enter in any personal information at register. I would think they could somehow trace her when she spent those Visa gift cards though? My husband said they should have posted her picture all over the TV on the news to see if anyone would report her ID! This checker was just young and ignorant to think she could get away with it. (my opinion only) Sorry thing is when she goes to get another job she won’t mention working at DG…..and if she does, they normally can only say from this date to that date they worked there by law….unless it’s different in Florida?
    I wonder how they fell on to this loophole anyway? I thought you had to have other items in your cart to cover the “overage” on a coupon? Or was that THE VISA CARDS!!!???

    • I think there must be a way to “buy” the blank Visa card and then add coupon values to it, although that’s sure something I’ve never tried. And I believe that companies only give employment dates out of fear of slander lawsuits, not that there is a federal law about it. In this case, saying she was fired for theft would be hard for the employee to dispute and if they run a background check it would come up.

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