All this is a MM after RR & Wags Cash

Been quite a few weeks since I’ve picked up personal care items at Walgreens, so here’s most of the deals in one post with the link starting at $3 Crest toothpaste. I earned $20.31 in Walgreens Cash and $18 in Register Rewards for a moneymaker of $14.  Now to use up these Register Rewards within the next two weeks  🙂

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2 thoughts on “All this is a MM after RR & Wags Cash

  1. I just about mirrored your transaction and got a different result. I only received one RR for the hand soap. Was it because I purchased four of the same kind? Then as far as the Walgreens cash – my reward was significantly different. I received $17.81. This included a coupon for $9 (spend $40), $3 for the Palmolive and $5.81 I guess for the $45.89 total cost. Did you have some other coupon/reward that increased your Walgreens cash? I’m ready to give up on Walgreens…

    • No, I put everything I did in the post and showed the RRs I got. I didn’t get the $9/$40 coupon (but I did today). Buying 4 of the same varieties shouldn’t make any difference; I bought 2 of the body wash so think something came from that. And who the hell knows with Walgreens, you’re right.

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