Aldi & AmazonFresh shopping

FirstBorn had shopped Jewel for meat tortellini but they were out, so I stopped by Aldi … also none, but we found clearance coffee and tea seltzers for 69¢ a 4pk.  Since MUM had posted finding these for the same price in Villa Park, it’s got to be system-wide.

AmazonFresh, where I learn that butter and eggs aren’t considered baking products for purposes of their coupon (!), but stocking up on flour isn’t a hardship.  Pumpkin spice coffee was $1.69 on clearance and the organic lollypops were $1.99.  Couldn’t wait until tomorrow’s coupon and grabbed a Cuban Panini, which made the car smell so good I wanted to climb back into the trunk.

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2 thoughts on “Aldi & AmazonFresh shopping

  1. Silly question, is Amazon Fresh on ibotta? (we don’t have 1 here) I ask bc I got $2 back for the Bob’s flour yesterday at Kroger.

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