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By switching your store, you can find lots of freebies at Jewel!  Saw this on MUM’s FB group and decided to test it out.  I changed stores (picked Westmont) and suddenly I had free Signature Spinach, Lucerne shredded cheese, 49¢ blueberries, $1.99 bacon and 99¢ gallons of Jewel milk which I clicked and added to my list (if you change stores, they disappear, but reappear when you change the store back).  Pizzas were $3 each, but I don’t know if that is available to everyone.  The Alpha Burrito is a plant-based food and didn’t show up for quite a few people.  You see here PITA and my accounts combined.

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8 thoughts on “add freebies to your JFU account

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this. Did they all come off fine at the register? I found the same stuff you did and it’s also on husbands. We got the $3 pizza but not the Burrito? I am going tomorrow to get these before they disappear!

  2. weird! i received a glossy, paper 1-sheet flyer with the weekly ad indicating your first list of 5. and i’m some distance from Westmont. the offers did not appear in JustForU for my currently-selected store (1 of 3 quite local ones) in Town A. but when i switched to the 2 other local stores, situated in Town B, those 5, the pizza, and a $5 off $50 grocery offer showed up. they went away when i switched back to the original store, as well as when i selected the decently-nearby location that had been chosen before that (in Town C).

    i thought this might be a caching issue, with my two most recent stores failing to load the offers. however, choosing a different store (which i haven’t selected in ages, and probably never) in Town C also disappeared these offers. so for good measure, i picked a *third*, semi-local store in Town B; it successfully loaded them.

    still can’t find the Alpha Burrito deal at any of these. Fate must have smiled upon you for that one. but if you or a family member gets offered an “Omega Burrito” within the next year, toss the item to the ground, eat nothing, and flee the planet!

  3. check your emails.

    i got one at Jan 17 at 8:50 AM, titled “Your coupons are here!”:
    “Enjoy Your Hand-Picked Coupons

    Visit just for U® and add these custom offers to your Account today!”

    it lists the 7 offers discussed above (no, not the burrito), and has links to add them individually or all at once. i didn’t bother, as had already clipped in the app.

    when checking the app again at 1/17 7:38 – 7:52pm, i still get the same goofy disappearance/reappearance based on chosen store location.

    it’ll be interesting to see if clicking those email links makes any offers less store-dependent.

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