A Saturday Sampler – organic carrots!

This is completely freaky because I not only check my emails early Saturday I check my APP and even my account online.  There was NO Saturday Sampler.  Just got a text from Pita to check my account and there it was.  At least it’s a decent one.  Today we get a 10-12 oz bag of O Organics carrots as a Saturday Sampler.  Add to your JFU account by Sunday and redeem by Monday.

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3 thoughts on “A Saturday Sampler – organic carrots!

  1. ditto; i wasn’t aware of it until John W.’s post on jillcataldo.com. now, if you look at the 1/20/21 morning “Your Weekly Savings” email, rainbow carrots are shown in the top picture, and the blurb below it mentions the O Organics brand, albeit without specifying a product. that’s some master foreshadowing there. 😛

    hopefully, they’re building up to my long-held dream of an Easter Sunday Sampler Scavenger Hunt, where there are 20 freebie items within the store, but none of them is outright mentioned. it’ll be an event like no other, where only the most resourceful and dedicated walk away with full spoils!

  2. I know this was NOT there when I checked Sat. morning! My husband actually saw it today, so I just thought it was another freebie and not the Sat. sampler. Glad you posted it so I go get it by Monday! So is the 10 oz. baby and the 12 oz. whole carrots? I just hope they have some left of either! Thanks for posting.

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