a disturbing Amazon Fresh experience

You all know of my love affair with Amazon Fresh.  I have gloried in their prepared foods, 89¢ baguettes and great all-around prices. Until yesterday.

Needed a couple of baguettes and since I was already there, hello clearance peanut butter cups!  Total transaction was under $5.  I never use scan and go, instead checking out with a cashier because I don’t trust Jeff Bezos.  Just because he loans money to God doesn’t mean he can’t want more.

Last night I was checking emails and I had TWO receipts from Amazon Fresh – my receipt and a $15 transaction from the person checking out after me.  HUH?  Thinking it might be a glitch, I checked Discover and yes, indeedy, both charges showed.

Called the number at the bottom of the receipt (same number on cards at customer service) where it took three tries to get through to a working number.  Last time ended up in a country where modern telecommunications have yet to land; I was told there was nothing they could do and I’d have to return to the Amazon Fresh store…which I just did.

Obviously the store manager gave me immediate credit, but had no idea of how it could have happened.  She suggested calling customer service, but since I’d already played that game, no.

Amazon Fresh doesn’t really have a social media presence, unless it’s a secret squirrel-type membership.  Last FB post was in 2021.

Bottom line is to be very careful and check emails and the credit/debit card you use to pay.  Oh, and I’m returning all the clearance candy – who wants chocolate peanut butter powder cups 🙁

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