.82 DiGiorno pizza at Jewel today

Today is the last day of the 3 day sale at Jewel, which includes $3.99 DiGiorno pizza.  If you added the $5/3 DiGiorno JFU, you’re probably feeling all smug, but now we have a $1.50 coupon in today’s RMN.  My subtotal was $2.47 for three (PITA also bought 3).  If you have extra coupons, leave them out for employees and customers ’cause everyone like a good deal on pizza, right?  Some people are finding $1.50 coupons on their account as well, although neither PITA nor I got that.

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5 thoughts on “.82 DiGiorno pizza at Jewel today

  1. How are you able to use both coupons on the pizzas? Isn’t the $5/3 a manufacturer coupon? I do have a new $1.50/1 digital (says “special pick” in yellow) and also have a paper coupon from my inserts.
    I am not doing the math right or I don’t understand the deal, help!

    • apparently the same way you were able to combine two store coupons on the Signature Select pizza: dumb registers. ;P

      i will continue to feel smug over getting 3 Digiorno’s for $3.97 at marianos last week, because the $2.99 price before $5/3 manufacturer cpn was achieved via a Store Coupon. so i played by the rules, dangit. is the extra $0.50/pizza savings really worth the price of your soul?!

  2. Well, a sale price plus a cents off coupon (plus personalized percentage discount for my husband!) are not the exact same deal since this is not a store brand pizza. I too got the same deal last week at Kroger that you did at Marianos and was blown away at the $1.33 price. My freezer is full now….I was just curious as to how you get them even cheaper at 82c. I thought possibly the $5/3 was a store coupon.

  3. “Well, a sale price plus a cents off coupon (plus personalized percentage discount for my husband!) are not the exact same deal since this is not a store brand pizza.”

    i just meant that stacking two Manufacturer Coupons on Digiorno’s this week is analogous to stacking two Store Coupons on Signature Select last week. neither should be allowed, but tip of the hat for people who find the loopholes.

    “I thought possibly the $5/3 was a store coupon.”

    to be sure, i agree with your first post that it’s manufacturer’s. it’s got the fine print and remit address and such to indicate that.

  4. off-topic: a question about how Personalized Prices interact with special circumstances like a Buy 4 Save $4 sale.

    this week, both bakery 4-count muffins and 4-pack Starbucks are part of a Buy 4 Save $4. the muffins are $5 (regular price) before that, and the coffee is $5.99 (perpetual sale price) before that.

    i have Personalized Prices on both that fall IN BETWEEN those prices: $4.28 for muffins, and $5.24 for Starbucks. i doubt i’ll be buying either this week, but am very curious how these things interact. will the B4S$4 knock an extra $1 FROM the P.P.? or does the register simply compare (individual [sale] price – B4S$4 discount) versus (Personalized Price), and choose whichever one is lower?

    there have been cases where P.P.s interact optimally with “special” sales, as we’ve seen on some BOGO sales recently. however, i dunno whether these mix-and-match sales for an additional $1 off are treated the same.

    real world results and theories alike are welcome!

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