8/17 Amazon Fresh Ad has $20/$20 q

The 8/17 Amazon Fresh ad doesn’t show an online $/$$ coupon, so we’ll see if one appears in the newspaper print ad.  Promo offers 20% off select items for Prime members.  Russet potatoes are 54¢/lb in a five-pound bag.  $20/$40 coupon is on the back page this time – trying to give me a heart attack at first glance!

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3 thoughts on “8/17 Amazon Fresh Ad has $20/$20 q

    • I argue and threaten Trib customer service minions on a regular basis – just renewed W/R/F/Sunday subscription for $137 for 6 months after they tried to shaft me with a $20 increase for 3 months. Dollar Tree only carries Sunday papers 🙁

      • I was getting my Sunday Tribune at DT for years until in my town they stopped selling them there. They only sell the local paper now ($1.25) They used to sell them at Menards for $1.50 but not anymore. I got in on a Sunday only deal for 49c a week for 6 mos. for Tribune! Then they raised me to 75c a week and now I’m paying 99c! This sounds like a great deal but more than HALF the time my carrier just didn’t pass the paper! We have been getting them about 3/4 weeks….and sometimes even in the early mornings like they promise. If you call in they do nothing. We cancelled the local paper bc carrier would not toss it near our door and it would blow away or lay in the road and get wet or driven over. Both HORRIBLE services in my town now for sure!

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