3 Pantene for 12 cents – darn tax!

Lovely deal at Walgreens to pick up a few small bottles of Pantene shampoo and/or conditioner. I actually need neither – the things I do for readers – but shampoo gets used up more quickly.  Obviously, it’s up to which is in stock near you.  Choose the $1.99 bottles of product, clip the $5/3 Pantene coupon and use promo code CYBER30; obviously choose store pickup. If I hadn’t used a Reward, it would have been a dollar higher.

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6 thoughts on “3 Pantene for 12 cents – darn tax!

  1. Nice deal on Pantene at Wags! I have a whole closet of hair products, so will have to pass this time!

    Just wanted to post a quick reminder here that Saving Star will be ending tomorrow Nov. 30th! They are having you convert your acct to coupons.com, which I just did now. Most other couponers have already used that app, but I am late to jump on that one. I do like that they automatically put $ in Paypal acct, no minimums! Hopefully we all like the new one!?

  2. I have an entire shelving unit of Pantene products & one of Suave Professionals (few Fructis somewhere else – sigh). The only Pantene I quite like is that co- stuff for between shampoos.

  3. Not sure if the size will work but I have $5/3 back on Coupons.com app!

    Stupid me tried to claim 3 offers but I failed to clip them before I bought! I’m learning.

    • Odd thing was that the ready to pick up email was so very long that I didn’t see only 2 of the shampoos were included – one was OOS, which meant the coupon value was also reduced and total was more than I’d signed up for. Took it back the next day (was going right by there anyway) and they gave me back the coupon value in cash plus a 75 cent gift card because the mgr said they couldn’t add the Rewards back to my account (they can on the phone, buddy!). So I made money and didn’t get the shampoo I didn’t want anyway. win-win

  4. LOL! My friend just tipped me off on the deal of week cereal @ Wags is the sugary types of Kellogg’s for $1.99 a box and there is a high value $2/1 digital! She just did it online, so hopefully they actually have that, She said it just took off the $1.99. They used to deny the penny overage, especially on paper coupons?
    I’m also going to try for my 1st coupons.com app offer after I buy those dirt cheap cereals and granola bars this week. (I realize this has nothing to do with this, just had to share some deals on cereal!)

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