2012 Jewel freezer coupons list

I’m bumping up this entire post because there are some readers who might have missed it last night.

Here are the coupons in the booklet that comes with the freezer this year – All coupons, both store and manufacturer, have expiration dates of 6/30/2012.  I’ve listed them as they appear in the book, so Free follows Save $ in no particular order.  S indicates STORE coupon and M is MANUFACTURER coupon.  Remember, store coupons reduce the amount on which we pay taxes while manufacturer coupons are just another form of payment, so tax on the full amount.  The freezer will sell for $159.99 and Jewel puts the value of their coupons at $160.  I believe the freezers will be available for sale starting February 5 (Sunday), since that’s when they always start.  Check your local store to see how many they will be getting.  As always, any mistakes or omissions are undoubtedly my own fault.

S 1 FREE Farm Fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts, tenders or wings 3 lb box
M 1 FREE DeGeiorno pizza dipping strips or Italian style favorites pizza
M 1 FREE On-Cor family size entree 28-32 oz
M 1 FREE Kellogg’s Eggo waffle: which & fluffy 6ct or waffles 10 ct
M 1 FREE Jamba smoothies 8 oz
M 1 FREE Old Orchard apple, cranberry or pomegranite juice 12 oz
S 1 FREE YoSickle 12 ct
M Save $1 Sunkist soda 2L reg or diet, any flavor
M Svae $1/2 Minute Maid pure squeezeds juice 59 fl oz.
M Save $2 on 1 Sister Schubert’s product 11-16 oz
M 1 FREE Equal sweeteners: classic packets 230 ct;
Saccharin or Sucralose packets 100  ct or Sucralose granulated 9.7 oz carton
M 1 FREE Pasta Prima either pasta 8 oz or sauce 7.5 oz
M 1 FREE Floresta frozen pasta 11-13 oz
M 1 FREE Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce 24 oz
M 1 FREE Kraft grated Parmesan cheese 8 oz
M 1 FREE Kraft Jet-puffed marshmallows 8 oz.
M 1 FREE Lance cracker packs 6-14 oz
M 1 FREE Bon Cuisine crab rangoons, shrimp spring rolls or shrimp wontons 8-12 oz.
S 1 FREE Sylvania sofe white double life light bulbs 4 ct
M 1 FREE Santa Fe salsa or con queso 16 oz
M 1 FREE Hidden Valley salad kit 4.1-4.9 oz
M Save $1 on 1 L’Oreal Paris cosmetics product
S Save $5 on 1 Finish Quantum: Powerball 45 ct; 3-in-1 Powerball 60 ct or Gelpac 60 ct.
S Save $5 on 1 Woolite laundry detergent 100 fl oz.
S 1 FREE Shoppers Value breaded chicken or meatball 26-28 oz frozen
M Save $2 on 1 Energizer MAX brand batteries: 4 pk AA or AAA; 2 pk C or D or 1 pk 9 v
S Save $5 on 1 MoneyGram money transfer
M Save $1 on 1 Sunkist soda 2L, reg. or diet, any flavor
M 1 FREE Better Oats oatmeal 5 c5
M 1 FREE Mom’s Best naturals cereal 11.5-16.5 oz
M Save $2 on 1 A-1 steak sauce 10 oz larger
M Save $2 on 1 Green Mountain K-cut portion packs 12 ct box
M Save $2 on 1 Davoi coffee 10 oz
M 1 FREE Langers juice 64 fl. oz.
M 1 FREE Fla-vor-ice freezer pops 16 ct
M 1 FREE Sparkling Ice 17.1 oz bottle
M 1 FREE Ciao Bella Adonia frozen Greek yogurt (new product available in March)
M 1 FREE Edy’s shakes or smoothies 7.6-8.1 oz
M 1 FREE Better Croker parlor perfect 7.2-9 oz
M 1 FREE Hunt’s diced tomatoes 14.5 oz: fennel & red pepper or spicy red peppers
S 1 FREE Ocean Spray canned cranberry sauce 8-14 oz
M Save $1 on 1 Palmolive dish liquid 25 oz
S FREE 1/2 lb DeLusso deli meat or cheese
S 1 FREE Stockman & Dakota pub burgers frozen 36 oz.
S Save $5 on any Gift Card Mall purchase
M 1 FREE Ziploc Perfect Portion brand bags 75 ct
M Save $3 on 1 L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect or Revitalift Skincare product
M Save $2 on any American Greeting card
S 1 FREE SuperChill 12 pk, 12 fl oz cans
S 1 FREE Jewel spring water 24 pk 16.9 fl oz
S 1 FREE Essential Everday or Jewel sugar free drink mix packets 10 ct
S 1 FREE Maruchan 12 pack 36 oz
M Save $1 on 1 Barber Foods stuffed chicken breasts
M Save $1 on 1 Steak-eze Angus Philly steaks 15-21 oz frozen
M 1 FREE Louis Kemp crab delights or lobster delights 7-8 oz package
S 1 FREE Mentos Up2U gum 14 ct package
M 1 FREE Wolfgang Puck Italian sauce 16 oz
S 1 FREE M&M candy 8 oz package (stand up pouch)
S 1 FREE International Delight iced coffee 64 oz (NEW ITEM)
M Save $1 La Tortilla Factory tortilla or wrap 11.5-17.5 oz
M Save $1 1 La Banderita flour tortillas 10 ct
M 1 FREE Banquet fruit pie 7 oz
M 1 FREE Fisher dry roasted peanuts 14 oz
S Save $1.50 Dannon Activa multiack yogurt 4 or 12 pk
M Save $2 on 1 Snapple tea or juice drink 64 oz
M 1 FREE DeWafelbakkers pancakes or waffles 18-60 ct
S 1 FREE Bar-S Classic Corn Dogs 3 lb box, frozen

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19 thoughts on “2012 Jewel freezer coupons list

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  4. I went to a couponing seminar once run by Jill Cataldo. She said that if you do this deal and get the freezer and the coupons hold off on using those coupons right away. Watch for buy one get one sales or sale prices and you can get even more free food!!

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  8. Are the Free Product Coupons actually FREE or is there wording on the coupons
    that stipulate conditions to get it free, such as time frame to be used, free after
    $$ spent, etc.?

    • Good Goddess – that sneaky they are not! It’s totally free. The difference between Store FREE and Manufacturer FREE is that the store coupon will eliminate tax, while you pay full tax using the manufacturer’s coupon. The only time frame is the expiration date on all the coupons of June 30, 2012. If you need an extra freezer and don’t have the space or budget for a full-size one, this is an excellent deal. Lisle was getting in 20 of these, but all stores get different numbers, so call your closest store. Oh, and one other thing: The Store coupons can be used at ANY Jewel, they are not specific to the store where the freezer was purchased.

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    • It’s available only in Jewel stores and only while supplies last. Last year they had too many available so this year they cut back. I would definitely check out your local store. If you’re anywhere near the Lisle Jewel, I would strongly urge you to buy from them because they are so coupon-friendly towards all of us. Right, gang?

  10. Be careful. I took about a dozen of my “free” coupons to Jewel today (about 1/3 of all of the coupons, didn’t want to overwhelm the cashiers). The price on the shelf was more than the maximum value of the coupon on FOUR of them so I couldn’t get it because it wouldn’t be free. So now I have to hope they have those items on sale before the coupons expire in June. I wonder how many more of them will be the same way. I complained to customer service and she told me “we don’t set the price on the coupon” which I thought was a completely dumb comment. Um, no, but you DO set the price on the shelves! You know what the maximum price on the coupons are. Make sure that until the coupons expire, your prices don’t exceed them.

    • That is horrible! I can’t remember if they had this problem back a few years ago when I bought mine (I think not). My suggestion is to post this comment on the Jewel Facebook page. They have someone whose job it is to monitor and follow-up on comments. I think you have a valid complaint here and I want to see what Jewel’s position will be on it. Free is Free and if they are going to tell you that you have to spend $$$ over and above a price that they themselves set, than they got some ‘splaining to do!

    • I am wondering if you used just the Jewel coupons and had to pay money still or if you used the Manufacturers coupons. I did notice that on the some of the coupons there is a maximum dollar amount they will cover (I believe it is the manufacturers coupons). If you used those at Jewel (which has higher prices than somewhere like Walmart or Meijer typically) then you I can understand the coupon not being fully covered. Just a thought.

      • I’m putting out this comment in case anyone has any info on the mfr coupons. If they say the item is FREE and boast about the FREE coupons you are getting with their freezer promotion, then it behooves them to have coupon values high enough to make said items free. If not, I’d be on the Jewel Facebook site, commenting (they have someone almost full-time monitoring this) and then some calls to corporate.

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