2 Saturday Samplers at Jewel

Today we get two Saturday Samplers, a 14.4 oz box of Signature Select Graham Crackers (choice of 3 varieties) and an 11.6 oz bottle of Evolve plant-based protein drink in chocolate or vanilla.  Add to your JFU account by Sunday and redeem by Monday.

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5 thoughts on “2 Saturday Samplers at Jewel

  1. So, this morning there were two Saturday Samplers and I clipped them both.

    My friend did not clip them right away. Later in the afternoon, he went to clip them and both were gone. We checked this evening and now he has the Evolve protein shake available to clip. But no Signature Select Graham Crackers. I do not have it either – Jewel deleted it.

    • My husband and I both clipped and redeemed the Evolve and the graham crackers yesterday morning. Now today (Sunday) we get up to a NEW LINK to clip another bottle of Evolve! It says it expires tomorrow, just like the last one did. We will see if we get another if we get over to Jewel tomorrow? This is odd.

      • i’d clipped both the Evolve and the graham crackers on morning 5/8. a little after 5pm on 5/9, prompted by your 2 posts, i checked my justforu app. indeed, the crackers were gone. the already clipped evolve was still there, along with a second one; i clipped that.

        i went to the store a little before 6pm today, and would pay at 6:23. there were NONE of the 3 graham cracker types on the shelf; perhaps they ran out, pulled them to avoid complaints, or pulled them to avoid giving them away. so i couldn’t test whether the clipped coupon was somehow still in my account and invisible.

        i grabbed a Chocolate and Vanilla Evolve, and opted to ring them up in the same transaction. both were granted free. i’d hoped the $1-off-2 Evolve e-coupon expiring 5/18/21 would also kick in, but didn’t expect it, with it also being a Store offer; it did not (and i had a balance against which to offset).

        weird stuff. appreciate the head’s up, as i might have had to make a separate trip Monday 5/10 to claim Evolve #2.

        • i passed a different jewel on the way home from a dental appointment today. they had some Cinnamon Graham Crackers in stock, so i was able to test my “invisible coupon” theory.

          SUCCESS! i received the freebie in a 5/10/21 11:22am transaction!

          • Thank you very much for posting about your success with the “invisible coupon”.

            After I read your post, I went to the store and was able to get the graham crackers with my “invisible” coupon.

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