2 new plant protein JFU freebies

If you’ve recently updated the Jewel APP – – god help you, ’cause it’s truly horrible.  Just when you think they can’t mess up customer service even more, they prove us wrong.  If you go to your JFU account and click Free Offers, you should see the above products.  Both Pita and I got them and it doesn’t say personalized deal.

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6 thoughts on “2 new plant protein JFU freebies

  1. I cannot find it on my app. I lol-ed when I read your post about the new app update! I wasn’t going to say anything but husband and I both agree it is HORRIBLE! I tried to redeem the new 65c/1 Oikos yogurt today and it did not come off. I went to customer service and was showing her my phone and when I commented they had updated the app….she says “I’m aware!” In a snotty tone. Put 65c back on my credit card. After asking me AGAIN if I had it added to list!!!??? My phone showed it was clipped. Enuf said. I guess we didn’t get the 2 free plant based meat items?

    • There was a category (like Saturday Sampler) called Free and both Pita & I got them, which is weird. I could see getting a personalized deal on grass-fed beef but this stuff, not so much (and it’s not a personalized price anyway). Strangely enough, just got back from Jewel and completely forgot about these :). Why can’t they put the cash they pay web developers into lower prices for their customers? This update sucks donkey balls.

      • there are two types of Personalized Deals: Personalized Price and Special Offer. these are the latter.

        i indeed have these 2 plant protein ones. a 3rd one that appeared for me a couple of days ago is:
        “Special Offer FREE
        Minute Maid Super Juice or Super Smoothies
        4-pack, 8.12-oz. Limit 1. In the Juice Section.
        Personalized Deal
        One time use
        Expires: 08/03/21”

  2. I just got a free Simply almond milk 46 oz. in J4U, yet husband got nothing. I also got 4-$1off $1 or more various store coupons. Like yogurt, bakery, produce & O Organics items!

    • Since the warehouse has been out of the plant protein since before the freebie offer (no idea if it will come in), I got two rain checks justincase. Nothing else has shown up – I HATE THIS APP – and end up adding and checking completely from my computer.

      • My husband said this morning he thinks the person in IT who invented this upgrade needs to be fired! I agree.
        I wish you could see all of your clipped items in a complete list instead of having to click on each sticking category! I would have picked up the crackers for 99c a box limit 1 of EACH today but forgot it was there. I also detest that you cannot change the view to 1 per column in app instead of the tiny double wide they have forced upon us now!

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