$2 Blinkies for Hill Bros. are here

They’re here – our answer to how are we gonna pay for Christmas?  If you stocked up on Hills Bros. during the three day Jewel sale and thought that $2.99 was pioneer pricing, the $2 blinkie coupon has come 🙂   Time for the happy dance since you can gather up all your receipts (you do save them for the 30 days you have to post-redeem, don’t you?) and trot over to get your $2 back per can.  or you can listen to those people who piss and moan about no more deals…

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2 thoughts on “$2 Blinkies for Hill Bros. are here

  1. How did I miss this? I sure hope my store has these too! Will be checking in the morning when I go claim my Saturday samplers. Thanks!

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