2 JFU Saturday Samplers at Jewel

Two Saturday Sampler freebies to add to your JFU account: an 8 oz Fage sour cream and an OCHO PB&J or coconut candy bar.  Add by the 15th and redeem by Monday, December 16th.  Make sure you add this before you hit the store ’cause it takes time to actually get entered into their system, I don’t care what they say!

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1 thought on “2 JFU Saturday Samplers at Jewel

  1. Ibotta has an offer for $1 back on the 16 oz. Fage (freebie is only tiny 8 oz.) but when I scanned my receipt for the Town House and Kleenex it gave me $1 on the Fage as well! 2 crackers 50c each (1 flipsides and 1 garlic), 4 boxes of Kleenex @ 50c each and the sour cream for a total of $4.
    Though I shouldn’t count my chickens yet…..husband got his Fage in a few minutes, mine is still “pending”. Last week when I scanned my receipt for the any item of 20c, it also gave me the 20c Ghiradeli candy, under the “any chocolate bar”, but when I was credited, it deleted that one! Today I would have expected the OCHO bar to have qualified, yet it did NOT!? No rhyme or reason with ibotta sometimes?

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