$1.99 Feta at my Jewel

Don’t know if this is something the warehouse pushed out to all Jewels or it’s only an oddity at the Lisle Jewel, but I found a coffin in produce stocked with Athenos Feta Cheese bulk clamshells at $1.99/lb.  This stuff is regularly $7 more and even on sale it’s never even close to being this cheap.  and trust me, Pita and I know cheese prices.  Dates are June 14, but this dry cheese lasts a lot longer.

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4 thoughts on “$1.99 Feta at my Jewel

  1. Check to see if this will qualify for the ibotta offer I am showing on mine for $1.25 back on 4 oz. or larger. Limit 5! If it rings on receipt as “Athenos”, it may not even need to be scanned? I forgot to look at my store but will next trip in. We love feta cheese, me possibly more than my Greek husband lol

    • It’s wonderful, even if you have to pay for it! Unfortunately is scans as bulk cheese. You could possibly take a photo showing Athenos label and open a case with Ibotta.

  2. I just searched online and look what my store is showing:
    Athenos Bulk Feta Cheese 0.50 LB
    ($1.99 / Lb)
    Sale Price
    approxYour Price $1.00 / ea eachOriginal Price$4.50
    Local $1.99 Lb Save Up To: $7.00 Lb (Valid for orders through 6/15/21)

  3. And I’m seeing on 2nd to last page of current ad the little 3.5-4 oz. green label shelf package as BOGO $4.49. That’s $9 for a full pound or more! I bet this is the one ibotta is meaning for you to buy for that rebate but the ounces are actually correct for the cheap bulk packs? I just told my husband and he said we are all over that tomorrow! :>)

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