1/25 Amazon Fresh ad

As originally posted last week, here’s the Amazon Fresh ad for 1/25. I like to give as long a lead as possible – makes meal planning and food budgeting that much easier.  If you know there’s going to be a huge sale on salmon or pizza you might as well wait out the week, right?
The 01/25 Amazon Fresh ad has a couple of salmon deals, depending on whether you pick farm-raised or wild caught.  Vacuum-sealed fillets are great because you toss in the freezer without worrying about the quality degrading over time and time and time.

If you love their baguettes (who doesn’t), make sure to check the labels: I picked up two loaves and one was the 89¢ price while the other was $2.49 and said Parisian loaf; it was only marginally wider and I obviously didn’t pick up on that difference.

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