1/18 Jewel ad

I haven’t been posting – or following! – Jewel sales in quite some time because, let’s face it, Jewel prices pretty much suck donkey balls.  If it weren’t for clearance deals and Manager’s Specials, I’d be earning very few Rewards (well, except for FirstBorn’s weekly crap buys). This week has 29¢ Supreme tamales (limit 5) and Ronzoni pasta (limit 5).  I admit to a deep love of those frozen tamales, but after a year of lockdown Youtube cooking videos, have switched almost entirely to Product of Italy pasta – stock up on deep sales and clearance and it’s usually cheap.  If you have no preference, then this is a great pasta deal, so use all your accounts and stock up 🙂

Probably grab some blood oranges and bok choy varieties for .88/lb just for novelty’s sake.  If you like grapefruit, the 5lb bags are $3.99 while loose ones are .88/lb – a tiny savings.  Probably also pick up some limes, since I was reading chef tips that whole lemons and limes freeze well when they’re thawed later at room temperature.  Taylor Farms salad kits are BOGO again this week at Amazon Fresh and they make a lovely stir fry (add extra bok choy or napa cabbage and it’s customized!).  Eggs, milk and half and half are definitely Aldi or Amazon Fresh purchases (well, my store is usually out of Lucerne half gallons anyway).

See anything else that rings your bell, please comment below and share.

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