PSA: Zaycon is no more

I haven’t posted Zaycon in a couple of years and only got their chicken breasts once or twice, but the quality was outstanding – those chicken breasts were HUGE!  Apparently the ex-CEO is claiming that the company spread lies about him and defamed his character and has filed suit.  I hear bankruptcy is close, but for more info, go to their site.

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2 thoughts on “PSA: Zaycon is no more

  1. I have four orders pending, Two in July One in August and One in October I have paid in advance close to $500.00 for future deliveries. The many friends that I have recommended will not be happy with me. I myself have been a ZAYCON customer for several years. This is not good, As I bought an additional freezer for the pending deliveries.

    • Quite a few unhappy campers about this immediate shut-down; their FB site is blowing up with people in the same boat as you. Nobody really knows anything for certain about upcoming deliveries.

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