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Strangely enough, PITA’s old laptop is due for immediate replacement, probably because slamming the top down messed up the display enough that it looks cracked.  So much cheaper to buy a new laptop than a replacement display, especially when you consider how much lighter and faster each generation gets (her laptop is not only years old, it weighs six pounds!). Looking at tablets, since comparisons show most of us really don’t need or use the capabilities offered with a laptop. Well, maybe you read spreadsheets for relaxation, but I prefer Bejeweled 🙂 Check out the savings during this limited-run Best Buy deal on various Apple products. They also offer price-matching.  Buy online and it’s ready for pick-up in an hour or less or have it shipped if you’re the patient sort.

Save up to $400 on MacBook and MacBook Pro

MacBook Air: Save $50-$150 On Select Latest Models.

Save up to $200 on iPad Pro

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