Goodwill or stuff I didn’t know I needed

I actually had a list of items to check for … I got the Jennifer Crusie books (hardcover!) I collect, but everything else was a Whoa – We Need That purchase.  You know how that goes 🙂  Pita was lactose intolerant as a child, so we burned through a couple of very expensive imported soy milk makers back when non-dairy wasn’t as common; how times have changed.  Since she prefers those milks now, this $6.99 purchase was a must-have, especially since it makes various nut and grain milks plus soup!!!  Lightyears away from what we had decades ago.

The Grogu Christmas tee was NYT and half price and means one of Pita’s nasty torn sleep shirts will be kicked to the curb.  Total for everything was $34.

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4 thoughts on “Goodwill or stuff I didn’t know I needed

  1. Can you make oat milk? I actually like that better than soy or even cashew or almond milk. Oat sounds cheaper and easier to make…. but I have never tried!
    I just made a pumpkin pie with coconut milk. We can drink dairy but I had some cans of cheap Dollar General pumpkin and coconut milk to use up. It really makes it rich!

    • Yeah, you can make oat milk, but from everything I’ve read, it will be slightly slimy unless you have access to the chemicals commercial mfrs use. Lots of people have tweeks (short blend/pulse with very cold water, use quick oats, strain through cloth but don’t squeeze out liquid), but this was our first run and she’s very pleased with it. (FirstBorn could be heard chortling “Horchata, horchata” in the background). I’ll update after our next batch because I’m curious about oats as well. If we can buy almond milk at DT, it doesn’t make financial sense to DIY, but oats & rice? Thank you, Jewel 🙂

      • Have you tried oatmilk yet or just the rice milk? I only have a Ninja blender and mini food processor and was wondering if you need a higher powered one (like Vitamix?) to make milks. I also have an old Oster blender, but I believe the Ninja has sharper blades, along with a double set of blades instead of the 1 at the bottom of my Oster. Do I need a nut bag to strain? I have a ton of oats/oatmeal and brown rice from Jewel and would like to try making some milk unless I need to go buy another kitchen appliance!
        I’ve been making rice pudding and it has turned out great. Also no bake granola bars which also are very good!

        • Pita has only wanted rice milk, but I’m probably gonna do oats next batch because I’m curious. You CANNOT do more than maybe 30 seconds in the blender because the more broken down the oats get, the slimier the milk, so maybe that’s a plus for a plain blender over a Vitamix.

          Rice (very small amount for qt, maybe 1/2 cup?) gets soaked for at least 30 minutes, then rinsed, which probably softens up the grains considerably.

          I did double straining for the first rice batch, but all other batches have been once and done; I do add water periodically as the rice milk gets “thicker” over the next couple of days.

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