Free KN95 mask & free shipping

100% FREE (Yes, 100% Free) – KN95 Mask – These offer far superior protection to 3-ply and cotton masks.  As places open up, let’s band together to keep each other safe and this is our way of helping.  Limit ONE per customer please – (You must use the CC option at checkout, as PayPal does not allow 100% free items) – SHIPS FREE AND IMMEDIATELY.

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2 thoughts on “Free KN95 mask & free shipping

  1. By applying for this Free Mask I have had my cell phone filled with texts and my email jammed with offer since the moment I hit GO. Now I am worried about them with my credit card info because they get such bad ratings when I googled them AFTER signing up for that Free mask. I just thought that that particular mask is something that I’d like to try out since I see people wear them. I am looking for a good one that fits my chubby cheeks and doesn’t steam up my specs! Oh well….wish us all luck with this offer.

    • Wow! I did this over a week ago and haven’t had any of these issues, nor has PITA or DH. I’ve ordered from them in the past without any issues and can only think the quarantine affected them even more as a very small company (I’ve been hit on Best Buy orders as well). I personally only have PayPal tied to a credit card ’cause I’ve had issues when it went directly from the bank, so that part didn’t bother me at all. They do send emails on all their daily offerings, but you can unsubscribe from those (I never subscribe & make sure the box isn’t auto-checked).

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