6 thoughts on “Early BF Access for REDcard holders

  1. Hey there! This is a Black Friday question… have you heard anything about Verizon deals?! I was curious as to what sort of deals they had this year and so far nothing. Heard anything???

    • Really depends on what brand/model of phone you’re looking for because Walmart, Costco and Best Buy have deals with qualifying phones showing up now. Many of the “deals” are giving you store gift cards, not my idea of fun. We’ve got some time yet, though.

      • I am thinking the iPhone and not super picky on which one. Minus I won’t cough out $1500 even for TWO! I am way to cheap for that! I didn’t think about those stores either, was thinking of directly with Verizon, but great idea! I will check around. Thanks you!

  2. Hey there! I did get a new phone. I ended up with the iphone X for basically half price. I still wanted to thank you for you input and alllllll the help you have given over the years and money you have saved me!

    Hope your weekend was wonderful!

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