clearance ramen – 10 cents each

Jewel clearance cart was out on a Sunday with lots of ramen noodles at 3/30¢ – grabbed 3 cases!  I use ramen a lot (all flavors are basically the same salt), whether making a noodle dish for lunch or using the noodles in chicken soup (among other dishes).  These will go in a basement tote in the hope they’ll last the winter 🙂

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3 thoughts on “clearance ramen – 10 cents each

  1. I bought a bunch of 10c cups of ramen months back and also they had cans of spaghetti sauce for 50c, so we are stocked on those. Husband actually like eating the soup cups but I am running low on the bags of ramen like you found. Do you ever use the noodles in Asian salads? I leave in package and crush them and then toast them for my Chinese chicken salad! Some people even use the pack of seasoning in their dressing. Right now I have tons of bottled dressing, but may make home made if I ever run out!

    • Thought I was being clever with ramen cooking, but I’m gonna have to watch YouTube for more ideas. People don’t realize how versatile these noodles actually are – DH used to say he wouldn’t eat them because they were for poor people!

  2. Yes! All you do is lightly toast them on stovetop in a skillet and crush them up on top of your salad after they have cooled. First time I tried this I was amazed how you can eat them without boiling them! I also sprinkle toasted chopped peanuts or sunflower or sliced almonds on if I have them.
    here is a recipe. I add pineapple tidbits to mine as well!

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