Honey Baked Ham – review & giveaway

Honey Baked Ham invited a group of bloggers to a presentation last week – they had me at FREE HAM!  When I told my mother, she said “Oh, are they still around?”  I asked why she had stopped getting their hams  – too sweet for her.

Guess what?  I learned that each Honey Baked Ham is individually glazed and prepared the way you want it:  Little glaze?  Extra glaze?  No glaze?  No problem.  Takes about ten minutes –  no advance order necessary.  Each ham is hand-glazed with HoneyBaked’s gluten-free glaze. They glaze only what they need for the day to keep the hams at the freshest.  I can’t divulge the “secret” glaze or how it’s applied except to say it involved flames and they wouldn’t let me play with the equipment.

Honey Baked also offers complete dinners, including side dishes that rock – the sweet potato souffle flew out of the front freezers, with the garlic mashed potatoes a close second – because not only did they feed us, we were each given a complete family meal of our choice to take home, together with their deluxe carrot cake for dessert.

I also won a choice of items from the menu and took a package of mixed dried beans (they also have white bean and split pea packs) and a large bone-in ham end for soup.  I am sorry to report that most of it disappeared before I could take a photo. num, num, num.  The beans and ham went into a large crock pot with water to the top, but only a third of the enclosed seasoning packet (HB told me to start with a small amount and add more as needed – excellent advice as the ham is already seasoned).  Left on low to cook all day – not only did we have a hot, filling, nutritious dinner waiting for us, the house smelled heavenly…well, if you dream about all-you-can-eat ham buffets in heaven, that is…

HB Ham also offers lunch boxes and catering – didn’t try the sandwiches, but since it’s the same meat, it must be good (they also have little side dishes of things like potato and macaroni salads).  Fresh bread is delivered daily from Highland Bakery; produce comes in three times a week.

Now for the giveaway:  Honey Baked Ham is giving away a $10 off any complete dinner Savings Certificate to all my readers (exp. 12/31).  Since complete family dinners start at $22.99, you can also take a break from cooking.  As you can see from my photo, the Naperville location has a deal on the Roast Beef dinner (the roast alone is $19.99). I’d say the sides each would serve 4-6 people.  This is definitely more than enough for one meal – plan on leftovers and work lunches.  well, unless you’re the Duggars or that goof in California.

Visit the Honey Baked Ham website and see what coupons your local store is offering; sign up for emails and get VIP deals.  Like Honey Baked Ham on Facebook for even more coupons.  They also offer punch cards for both lunch box and dinner purchases – free food!

Not totally food-related…but talk to your local store about the HB fund-raising coupon booklet:  Pay $3 for each book you sell for $10.  Couple of coupons alone were worth more than the price of the book and you don’t have to buy set amounts – sell 10 or 100 books and that’s what you pay for.