and here are the puppies – video!

UntitledI’ve just downloaded a short video of what I had already planned to be the last of my puppies – obviously there’s urgency now!  Click on the PUPPIES!!! page and check it out.  There are brindles, black/white, brown/white, solid black with white tuft on chest…each and every one a total sweetie. and annoying as heck when you’re trying to take a picture.  Right now they’re in a large corral because I can’t take a chance with them getting anything sewage-related on their little bodies.

We’ve got a Puppies Page!

Don’t know how many of your ever check out the pages at the top of this main one, except for using the “find a coupon”…but I’ve recently added a new page of puppies.  Cowgirl is now 4 lb 11 oz (according to the post office scales) spoiled rotten puppies.