the disappearing Jewel Saturday Sampler

Hate digital coupons because they can disappear from your account between walking in the door and checkout and you’ll never know until the scan shows full price. Yesterday’s sauce had disappeared when I checked this morning. JoJo probably stole it.

Two Saturday Samplers showed up in my account today, a 16 oz can of Aguas Frescas and a 24 oz jar of waterfrontBISTRO Cioppino Sauce. Several flavors of Aguas Frescas show in the offer.  Add to your U™ account before Sunday and redeem by Monday.

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1 thought on “the disappearing Jewel Saturday Sampler

  1. Unreal! I actually went there looking for the sauce early yesterday morning and they had no idea what it even was. I showed the girl at CS desk and she actually wrote both me and hubby a rain check in case they get them in! Now ours have disappeared as well!
    But….I just won $10/$10 in my acct. by getting the blueberry IN THE YOGURT CUP! I about fell over in disbelief! (I was about to give up bc all I have is a list full of worthless coupons in my app!) Let’s just say, I have kissed a lot of frogs to find my prince!

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