Saturday Sampler: Gatorade Fast Twitch

The Jewel Saturday Sampler this week is a 12 oz bottle of Gatorade Fast Twitch Energy Drink; shows six available flavors, although your store might not offer all.  Add to your U™ account by Sunday and redeem by Monday.  I can’t believe the name isn’t a deliberate joke, given the nature of the product.

Check under the beverage category – I also had this $1 coupon PLUS there’s a $1 Ibotta rebate.  Means a couple of free Nathan’s hot dogs today!

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Sampler: Gatorade Fast Twitch

  1. I didn’t get the $1 overage on mine but my husband got his! I think I know what happened though. I panicked and clipped the $1 coupon this morning because I thought the other one I had on there must have expired. Stupid me now had 2 $1 coupons clipped and they both show expiration date as 9-10! Hubby only had the 1 clipped, so possibly that’s why?
    I got BOGO Stella cheese cups since they also have $1.50 digital. Got my FREE drink and claimed it on ibotta. My husband got 4 Rave apples for 2c out the door along with the free drink! And he got the $1 ibotta!
    I don’t know if this matters but I scanned my drink AFTER the cheese cups. Hubby scanned his drink 1st before the apples? I thought about getting some cheap or free apples too but my acct also has a $1 off any produce purchase and I thought that would really shake things up!

    • I got 35 bonus points on Fetch Rewards for the Twitch and Lisle had the clearance cart out on a Saturday! Picked up 8 oz container of Irish Whiskey & Vanilla soaked coffee beans for $3.50. They had more stuff, but I only got a couple of neat tea mixtures. Oh, and a cartload of 150 ct 100% cotton balls for 50 cents each.

  2. Wow! That coffee sounds wonderful! I’m still drinking the toffee Don Francesco can we got for $1.50. I mix it half and half with decaf plain. I wonder how the hazelnut one will taste. Have you tried that yet?

    • I’ve gotten 3 varieties now & since they’re mixed half & half with the Good Stuff, I’d have to say they’re all just spice-blendy sort of tasting! But for the price, I’m okay! Am really looking forward to the boozy one.

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