no Saturday Sampler, no inserts

Just in case you were wondering, zip inserts this week and Saturday Sampler is a bust as well.  How I remember those wonderful Word of the Days of free lasagna, cereal and pizza – now it’s icky energy drinks and pitiful coupon values.  Last WOD promo was in mid-2021 🙁

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2 thoughts on “no Saturday Sampler, no inserts

  1. This January STINKS! Remember Januarys of past with 4-5 inserts each weekend since many coupons expire 12/31. Well at least I have plenty of Cheeto Mac & Cheese to last me every day for a month.

    • If that’s the best ya got, we’re ALL screwed :). I remember stacks & stacks of inserts & having to get a shelving unit just for coupons. Now? One little stack that I finally checked the date on the bottom one – mid-2021. Yup, pitiful.

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