Jewel Flash Sale on Pillsbury Rolls

Today only, grab some Pillsbury crescent, cinnamon or Grands! rolls for only 99ยข each (Limit 4)!ย  Database shows Ibotta, but it’s for Meijer and the current coupons (naturally) are for other items; the sweet biscuits with icing in a tube aren’t these ๐Ÿ™ย  ย At least you can get something back from your receipt with Fetch Rewards.

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8 thoughts on “Jewel Flash Sale on Pillsbury Rolls

    • The items pictured are for the new stuff, even though it comes in a tube like the old ones. Will go later, but if you try the coupon, please let us know. The JFU does show crescent rolls, so that’s good at least. Now if the digital coupon works ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I stand corrected – don’t know what coupon pictures I was looking at before, but I’m heading out to grab me some sweetness for only .50 a tube since 11/17 shows these exact items ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I had already clipped my digital coupon so I took my neighbor along and she used that along with my cheese BOGO deal and I used husbands account since he did not have his Pillsbury one clipped yet. (I had the better $1.50/3 from inserts) Both the digital and the paper coupon came off fine at registers (1 from each account) She was thrilled to get in on the deals since she doesn’t normally coupon or have a J4U account set up.

  1. Just got back from stocking up with Cinnabon cinnamon rolls (who says you can’t eat ’em for dinner?), those one-piece crescent tubes, flaky Grandes and more…quite a few more. Just had to run them in groups of 3 for the coupon. There is a JFU coupon for not only the group, but one for only cinnamon rolls and they both came off one customer’s transaction – I was shocked and dismayed that I didn’t get them ๐Ÿ™

    • Regarding that article you posted a week or so back about Jewel (Albertson) removing the Catalina machines, my friend and I both got a Cat back yesterday when we spent more than $10 for a sweepstakes with “trubisky” as the code to enter. My store still has the machines but do you think they will only be printing Jewel offers and no more Cat coupons or OYNO Cats going forward? This is the first time I got anything from the machine in a couple weeks?

      • I’ve been wondering that myself ’cause of all those sweepstakes cats printing out. I think you’re right and we’re SOL on the mfr promos, but there really won’t be deals to test until the new year; can’t see stores keeping the machines for their stuff since they fill the entire back of the receipt with crap ads and coupons already. And those horrible receipt coupons with the pathetic fading ink – and don’t even think about getting one wet! At least cats can be dried off. grrr

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