pm @ Walmart or die in line at Office Depot

unnamed (1)This week’s Office Depot/Office Max has Back to School deals on EXPO dry markers and Sharpies (among other things) for a buck each pack – limit 3 per household, blah, blah, blah. I went in with the $1 EXPO coupon and 75¢ Sharpie coupon, fully intending to honor the limit three.

They’ve actually got photocopies (in color ink yet – jeez, nice to be rich!) of the two coupons and the items on sale.  And they don’t want to take the coupon for the EXPO because it’s already on sale and the coupon reads “not to be combined…”

And their coupon policy is ONE coupon per transaction.  Yes, I specifically asked if that meant 100 items in my cart and I’d only be able to use one coupon – yes.  I asked if their corporate management was all high, which, given they’re in south Florida is a pretty safe bet.

So I bought one of each item and drove to Walmart, where they not only graciously pricematched both items, they even substituted ones with bonus sharpies and EXPO markers.  Total for six (3+3) was $2.19.

Frankly, given the shelf tag prices, Office Depot/Max could merge with Gonzo the barking dog and I still wouldn’t bother shopping there.

a little bit of cash shopping

photo.JPGLots of crackers for 3/$7 at Target, starting today. The Keebler Club cornbread bites are also 50% off on Cartwheel plus there’s a $1/2 coupon in the 12/7 rp. Club also makes a jalapeno variety, but my smaller Target doesn’t carry it.  This is no more a cracker than I am (I only dress like one) – but tastes remarkably like a shortbread cookie.

Office Depot/OfficeMax has Sharpie markers for $1 a 5-pack, but fine and ultra-fine varieties.  Ad says limit two per account/household, but I grabbed four with no difficulty.  In fact, I only had the four inserts with me or the truck would have backed up…well, except for all the cat litter back there still…  My four packs set me back 31¢

Don’t forget, you can also price match at Walmart.

Office Depot – again with the updates!

Last one, I promise!  Just got a phone call from the Office Depot corporate customer service lady I spoke with last week.  She said that I could keep all the products I had already received and they would credit my credit card for the full amount paid.  She said that it was a mistake in the online ads, that it was supposed to be bottles.  I pointed out that, even as late as late night, they were still showing case quantities – she said that it was supposed to have been corrected by Saturday evening…she’s gonna have them check it out.

My take?  I’m gonna take my freebies and call it even.  While the cases would have been a real sweet deal, it’s not likely to happen at this point and I know when to cut my losses – I’m still ahead with the bottles I did receive.

Office Depot – update

Bad news on the OD front, I’m afraid.  A reader went back and forth last week with corporate and…well, I’ll just let you read their response today (and then I’ll tell you what we should all do about it):

OD:  I’m sorry about the late response to you in providing an update. I received all your voice messages and apologize for not getting back to you much sooner.

With regards to your orders, there was an error in our system and these orders that were placed online were listed as cases which was a mistake. I do apologize, as it is never our intention to disappoint or inconvenience our customers; however, I’m unable to key a new order to reflect the cases.  You can keep the items for the price you paid or I can have them returned and have the driver pick them up for credit.

Once, again, I sincerely apologize and please let me know how I should proceed.

Reader then sent this email:  But what about what you said to me on Friday….when I asked you 3x and you told me 3x that you would make sure that my orders would be fulfilled at the price and quantities that I had ordered.

Final OD reponse:

Thanks for your email.  We are offering to pick up the items and refund our customers involved with this issue. No orders will be keyed! I apologize about the confusion on my part and would gladly make it up in a small way by sending you a $30 Office Depot Merchandise Card for the inconvenience.

Okay, Goddess suggests this:  Call corporate starting tomorrow and ask if they will be giving you a $30 Office Depot gift card.  If they say no, you can reply that you read online that they were giving this gift card to make up for all our inconvenience.  If they still say no, then you ask them to pick up one of the orders.  Just the one.  After that one gets picked up you call again and politely request the second one be picked up.  And so on.

I got an email that I could keep, donate or toss my one box of Kleenex and I would be credited for the full amount of the order, so that one stays.

Office Depot PSA

hot deal

Instead of updating, thought I’d do a new post…A reader has been speaking with someone in the customer service department at corporate about this bottle vs case problem and here’s where we all pretty much stand right now:

Corporate is aware of the problem and the VPs are meeting to figure out a way to straighten out this mess.  We will be receiving the proper number of cases, not bottles, that we all ordered, but they have to figure out how many to ship (if you ordered 18 cases and got 18 bottles, then they need to reopen your order and ship 17 cases and however many bottles).  In other words, they are honoring all our orders.  for some of you this means the semis will be pulling in your driveway…

If you have not yet spoken with corporate, please do so – don’t waste your time with the 800 number – as soon as possible.  I originally left a message and they called back within a few hours.  Corporate is able to view all the orders at one time, rather than going back and forth (when you call the 800 number that’s what you get).  There will not be any further information until Monday, as the VPs are meeting on Saturday.  By Monday I should have more details.

Office Depot – the saga continues

Okay, this is getting ridiculous.  My Kleenex order was refunded…$3.  I called and said I wasn’t paying $10 for delivering a box of Kleenex.  So now that part’s being processed.  I also received two boxes containing a few bottles of the cleansers I ordered, instead of the cases.  Which will necessitate more calls.

Ron emailed me and said he got frustrated with the calls to the customer service center and called Office Depot corporate offices and has, so far, experienced a frustration-free conversation.  I suggest we all call Office Depot corporate at (561) 438-4800 and press 0 for Customer Service.

Office Depot – update with live chat transcript

The following is the “conversation” Michelle had with the Office Depot Live Chat person.  I’ve X’d out identifying things like phone numbers and customer IDs.

You have been connected to Pheona.

Pheona: Hi Michelle
Pheona: I will be happy to assist you.
Pheona: Please give me a moment while I check that for you.
michelle XXXXX: ok, thanks
Pheona: Thank you for your patience.
Pheona: The item # 663018 is Kimberly-Clark Signal Facial Tissue, 125 Sheets Per Box, Case Of 48
michelle XXXXX: ok, another order # is SQB-324809
Pheona: I will check that for you, please give me a moment.
Pheona: Thank you for your patience.
Pheona: The item # SQB-324809 is Aloe Vesta® Skin Conditioner, 8 Fl. Oz. Bottle, Case Of 48 .
michelle XXXXX: ok, take your time. I have 3 more after that one. I’m just verifying what my purchase is.
Pheona: The item # SQB-324809 is Aloe Vesta® Skin Conditioner, 8 Fl. Oz. Bottle, Case Of 48 .
michelle XXXXX: thank you…next is SQB 324709
Pheona: The Item # SQB 324709 is 1-Color Advertising Labels, Rectangle, 1 1/4″ x 3″, Roll Of 500 .
michelle XXXXX: hmm…that one doesn’t seem right SQB-324709
michelle XXXXX: two more..SQB-324509
michelle XXXXX: and last is SQB 325521
Pheona: I will check that for you, one moment please.
Pheona: Item # SQB-324509 is Sensi-Care® Perineal / Skin Cleanser, 8 Oz. Pump Bottle, Case Of 48 and Item # SQB 325521 is Aloe Vesta® Bathing Cloths, Case Of 192 .
michelle XXXXX: ok, thank you.
Pheona: You are welcome.
Pheona: It was my pleasure to assist you.
Pheona: May I be of any further assistance?
michelle XXXXX: My first order for the 6 cases of kleenex came to me as 6 individual boxes.
Pheona: May I know if you have the order number in the format of 5********-001 to check for it please?
Pheona: Thank you, please give me a moment.
michelle XXXXX: sure
Pheona: Thank you for your patience.
michelle XXXXX: please check SQB 324709 again because I didn’t order labels.
Pheona: I did check on your order and I do see that the Item # 663018 have been delivered for 6 quantities.
Pheona: May I know if you have the order number to check for the SQB 324709 which you didin’t order please?
michelle XXXXX: and that should be for 6 boxes, 48 per box?
Pheona: Yes, Michelle.
michelle XXXXX: ok, and the other order # you requested is XXXXXXXXX
Pheona: Please know that the Order number will be in the format of 5********-001.
michelle XXXXX: oops..sorry…XXXXXX
Pheona: Not a problem, Thank you for the order number.
Pheona: I am sorry, please provide me with the 9 digit order number starting with 5 followed by -001?
michelle XXXXX: hold please…looking for it
Pheona: Sure, I will be here. Please take your time.
michelle XXXXX: there is no number here to meet the criteria you ask for
michelle XXXXX: on the packing slip it says order #XXXXXX
Pheona: I do see that the #XXXXXX is your customer ID number (or) the Account number. I do see that the order have been placed for Realspace® Premium Bookcase, 3-Shelf, 44 1/8″H x 35 3/8″W x 13 5/8″D, Carolina Oak and Realspace® PRO 26 1/2″D Vertical Letter-Size File Cabinet, 4 Drawers, Light Gray under the above account number.
michelle XXXXX: no, the first number I gave you is my customer reference #
michelle XXXXX: the second number I gave you says it’s my order number.
Pheona: Please give me a moment,
michelle XXXXX: sure
Pheona: Please provide me with the phone number used with placing the order for Item # SQB 324709,is 1-Color Advertising Labels, Rectangle, 1 1/4″ x 3″, Roll Of 500.
Pheona: Thank you, one moment please.
Pheona: Thank you for your patience.
michelle XXXXX: no problem
Pheona: I have used all of the resources given to me but the exact order for 1-Color Advertising Labels, Rectangle, 1 1/4″ x 3″, Roll Of 500 have not been found. May I know if you have received this item?
michelle XXXXX: I have not yet. Don’t worry about it. I can take it back if it’s wrong. I truly appreciate your help.
michelle XXXXX: Thanks for everything.
Pheona: Thank you very much!
Pheona: It was my pleasure to assist you.
Pheona: Thanks for chatting and have a great day!
Pheona: Thank you for choosing Office Depot.
This service is available 8AM-8PM EST. Monday through Friday. Please don’t hesitate to use this service again.
Have a nice day.
Pheona: Once this chat session ends you will get an option to fill out the survey to rate my service, Kindly do fill it out.
Pheona: You may end this session now. Hope you have a Great day!
michelle XXXXX: thank you!
Pheona: Its my pleasure!
Thank you for chatting with Office Depot. You may now close this window.

By now you’ve read the comments from people who are less than thrilled with their one box of 125 ct Kleenex for $2.78 plus $9.95 for shipping.  I couldn’t catch the UPS guy to refuse the puny box (well, not really puny, considering it only holds one box), so I called Office Depot and told them to come and take it back.  They’ll call me when they’ve gotten the paperwork completed (it still showed as undelivered on their computers).

I’m not really concerned about the Kleenex – let’s just say I’m well-stocked and leave it at that.  I’m waiting to see what shows up on all our other orders, especially the ones that have DermaSoft hand and body lotion.  As a reader pointed out, nowhere does it say one bottle, all references are to a box of 48.

Office Depot update II

Office Supplies:

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase of supplies, you can return it for a full refund, exchange or credit within 30 days of purchase with your original receipt, packing slip or email confirmation (“Original Receipt”) to any of our stores. For delivery orders call 800.GO.DEPOT (800.463.3768) to arrange free pick up.

Returns of supplies without an Original Receipt require valid government identification. Supplies still active in our computer system will be refunded in the form of an Office Depot Merchandise Card in an amount equal to the lowest retail price during the 90 days preceding the return. If that amount is under $10, however, we will refund in cash.

Reader Geneva Coupon just commented that her order of 18 cases was delivered as — 18 boxes, so they’re going back to the store.  This is a horrible thing for us.  When my order shows up (if it’s a single box), I’ll call customer service and ask what’s going on since the order clearly states CASE.  And it’s not our responsibility as consumers to make assumptions about their wording.

The following is exactly what my Kleenex order confirmation shows. I have nothing else from Office Depot regarding delivery. I have one UPS email, but that’s for a 1.2 pound package, which can’t be either the case of 48 OR one box. I’m hoping it’s my Giveaway package...shhhh  Although I would have to wonder why they’d put in the 48 in a case information if you were only buying a box… If the order isn’t right, it gets dropped off at the nearest Office Depot, that’s one thing you can count on!

Kimberly-Clark Signal Facial Tissue, 125 Sheets Per Box, Case Of 48 (663018) 1 1 0 $2.780 box $2.78

Checked my order status online and then called to confirm (I’m a belt/suspenders kind of gal):  My Kleenex order will arrive tomorrow, Tuesday, and my second order of the Aloe Vesta products will be here on Friday.  I checked out some of these products on Amazon and holey moley are they expensive.

Oh, and the CS guy took off the second $9.95 shipping charge on my other order (I was in such a hurry to order the Kleenex that I failed to see the other PSA bargains).  And honestly?  I’d much rather pay the $9.95 and have all this heavy stuff delivered.

Check your email order confirmation and then also use the track feature.  If something doesn’t look right, call (don’t do the live chat ’cause you’ll have to talk to an agent anyway).

Office Depot deal is still running

Just placed another weirdly large order ($50) with Office Depot to get free shipping.  My Kleenex is due in tomorrow and the other stuff on Friday.  This order will probably be next Monday.  Let’s just say that I am buying some very strange “cleansing” items…and leave it at that.

Remember, though, that if you have to rent space in a public facility to store your purchases, you’ve probably already lost sight of the reason you’re couponing!