7/3 insert: July P&G

One insert in this week’s paper (7/3), the July P&G.  Not all papers carry the same coupons or values, so this national list might show coupons we don’t get around Chicago.  Tide has a nasty habit of putting out pretty pictures instead of actual coupons.

July P&G

Align Probiotic Supplement (ETS) $2/1 (7/16)
Always Discreet Incontinence Products (exc. 24ct & 26ct Always Discreet liners, other Always Products and ETS) $5/2 (7/30)
Always Ultra Thin, Maxi Pads 14ct or higher, Liners 32ct or higher (exc. Always Radiant, Infinity and Pure Cotton Pads, Always ZZZs, Always Intimate Care Washers & Wipers, and Always Discreet) $3/2 (7/30)
Always ZZZs Pads 10ct or higher, Always ZZZs Underwear 3ct or higher, Always Intimate Care Washes & Wipes 40ct (ETS) $3/2 (7/30)
Bounty Napkins Product (ETS) .25/1 (7/16)
Bounty Paper Towel Product 4ct+ including Double Plus Roll (ETS) $1/1 (7/16)
Cascade ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent Bags 10ct+ – B2G1 Cascade Rinse Aid Free up to $4.50 (exc. Cascade Tubs and ETS) (7/16)
Charmin Toilet Paper Product 4ct or Larger (ETS) $1/1 (7/16)
Crest or Scope Mouthwash 473mL (16oz)+ or Scope Refreshables (ETS) .50/1 (7/16)
Crest Toothpaste 2.7oz or More (exc. Crest Cavity, Regular, Base Baking Soda, Tartar Control/Protection, F&W Pep Gleem, Crest Aligner Care, Kids, More Free Packs, Multi-Packs and ETS) $2/2 (7/16)
Dawn Dishwashing Liquid 32.7-75 oz, or Dawn Foam (exc. Dawn Powerwash, Simply Clean, and ETS) $1/1 (7/16)
Dawn Wipes Product (ETS) .50/1 (7/16)
Febreze Product – B1G1 up to $3.30 (exc. Febreze Plug Products and ETS) (7/16)
Febreze Unstopables Fabric Refresher (ETS) $3/1 (7/16)
Fixodent Adhesive Twin or Triple Pack 2.0 oz+ (ETS) $1/1 (7/16)
Gain Dishwashing Liquid Products 21.6 oz+ (ETS) any TWO $1/1 (7/16)
Gillette Skin Guard, Fusion, ProGlide Razor or Blade Refill (exc. Disposables and ETS) $3/1 (7/16)
GilletteLabs Exfoliating Razor or GilletteLabs Blade Refill (exc. Disposables and ETS) $5/1 (7/16)
Head & Shoulders Shampoo, Conditioner, or Treatment Products (exc. Mask Sachets, and ETS) $3/2 (7/16)
Herbal Essences bio:renew Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Products (exc. Masks, 100mL Shampoo and Conditioners, Color, Body Wash and ETS) $4/2 (7/16)
Metamucil Product (ETS) $1/1 (7/16)
Microban Sanitizing Spray (ETS) $1/1 (7/30)
Microban Multi-Purpose Spray or Bathroom Cleaner Spray (ETS) $1/1 (7/30)
Mr. Clean Products (ETS) any TWO $1/1 (7/16)
Nervive Product (ETS) $2/1 (7/16)
Olay Bar 4ct+, Body Wash, Rinse-Off Body Conditioner, Liquid Hand Soap or Hand & Body Lotion Products (ETS) $1/2 (7/16)
Olay Facial Cleanser (ETS) $2/1 (7/30)
Olay Regenerist Facial Moisturizers, Serums or Eyes (ETS) $10/2 (7/30)
Old Spice Anti-Perspirants/Deodorants, Hand & Body Lotions or Bar Soaps (exc. Dry Spray, Gentleman’s Blend, Clinical, High Endurance and ETS) $1/2 (7/16)
Old Spice Body Wash – Buy ONE, Get $3.00 off ONE Old Spice Dry Spray or Body Spray (exc. Gentleman’s Blend, High Endurance, Twin Packs and ETS) $3/1 (7/16)
Old Spice Gentleman’s Blend Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant or Old Spice Gentleman’s Blend Body Wash (ETS) $3/1 (7/16)
Oral-B Adult Manual Toothbrush (exc. Healthy Clean, Fresh & Clean, Bright & Clean, Indicator 1ct and ETS) $2/2 (7/16)
Oral-B Rinse 475ml (16 oz)+ (ETS) $2/1 (7/16)
Pantene Products Including Gold Series and Truly Collections (exc. Generation Beauty Collection, Intense Rescue Shots, Nutrient Blends Collection, Miracle Rescue Collection, Non-Wash Collection, One Step Nourishing Mask and ETS) $1/1 (7/16)
Pantene Nutrient Blends, Pantene Non-Wash Day or Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection Products (exc. Single Count Intense Rescue Shot and ETS) $5/2 (7/16)
Pantene Product Including Gold Series and Truly Collections (exc. Generation Beauty Collection, Intense Rescue Shots, Nutrient Blends Collection, Miracle Rescue Collection, Non-Wash Collection, One Step Nourishing Mask and ETS) $5/3 (7/16)
Pepto Bismol Product (ETS) .50/1 (7/16)
Prilosec OTC Product $2/1 (7/30)
Puffs Facial Tissues Product Multi-Pack 3 Box ct or Larger (exc. Puffs Simple Softness, Puffs To Go 10ct and ETS) $1/1 (7/16)
Secret Aluminum Free Deodorants (ETS) $1/2 (7/16)
Secret Clinical, Gillette Clinical Anti-perspirant/Deodorants (ETS) $1/2 (7/16)
Secret Dry Sprays (ETS) $1/2 (7/16)
Secret Fresh, Secret Outlast, Gillette Clear Gel or Gillette Invisible Solid Anti-Perspirants/Deodorants 1.6 oz+ (exc. Dry Sprays and ETS) $1/2 (7/16)
Swiffer Product (exc. 1ct Duster 2ct Duster and ETS) $1/1 (7/16)
Venus Razor (exc. Venus Smooth, Comfort Glide, Blade Refills, Disposables and ETS) $3/1 (7/16)
Venus Smooth or Comfort Glide Razor (exc. Disposables, Blade Refills, and ETS) any $2/1 (7/16)
Voost Product (ETS) .50/1 (7/16)

Pete’s Fresh Market shopping

Pita and I used to stop at the Pete’s on Roosevelt in Glen Ellyn – the old Dominicks location off Rte 53 – on a regular basis, but 2020 broke the habit and now it’s infrequent.  A shame, because their salad and prepared meals bar has not been topped by anyplace else imo and shockingly enough, the prices haven’t moved up much since those days.

The Halal bar was only $9.99/lb and the cerviche bar was $10.99 – everything else was $8.99.  Cerviche shrimp are huge and it is definitely cheaper to buy already prepared than DIY.  I mix and match from several varieties, so the finished product has shrimp and octopus.

Okay, why would anyone pay $2.99 for a béchamel mix?  Obviously there’s a market out there for people who don’t know that béchamel, one of the five mother sauces, is only flour fried in butter (a roux) into which milk is slowly added.  It’s a sauce we are all familiar with from mac & cheese and chicken pot pie.  Velouté is another mother sauce made with the same roux, but you swap out milk for broth.