.82 DiGiorno pizza at Jewel today

Today is the last day of the 3 day sale at Jewel, which includes $3.99 DiGiorno pizza.  If you added the $5/3 DiGiorno JFU, you’re probably feeling all smug, but now we have a $1.50 coupon in today’s RMN.  My subtotal was $2.47 for three (PITA also bought 3).  If you have extra coupons, leave them out for employees and customers ’cause everyone like a good deal on pizza, right?  Some people are finding $1.50 coupons on their account as well, although neither PITA nor I got that.

Belgian no overflow waffle maker

Best Buy has the CHEFMAN Belgian Anti-Overflow Waffle Maker on a Deal of the Day for only $19.99; the 2-year Geek Squad Product Replacement Warranty is only $8.99.  Anti-overflow design prevents batter spills, while the built-in funnel makes filling the unit quick and simple. Features a nonstick coating for easy cleanup, and the included measuring cup lets you use the perfect amount of batter each time.

Dollar Tree Shopping

If you’ve seen these on YouTube videos or other sites, they’re really neat, but for $15.99?  I don’t THINK so.  But for a buck at Dollar Tree, I’ll take a couple, thank you.  I’d make more egg salad if the whole peeling the shell weren’t such a pain.  You can also use them to make scrambled eggs with stuff added (cheese, bacon, etc.) and presto – instant breakfast tacos!

I was also looking for the Cake Boss line that larger Dollar Trees have carried – check out your location for deals on whatever they sold for full price.  I was looking to stock up on spatulas, etc., but no luck 🙁