Another round of free Colgate toothpaste

This week you can once again score more free Colgate toothpaste at Walgreens. Here’s my transaction, but no reason why you can’t figure out a combination that works better for you.  Once logged into your account, clip the $4/2 Colgate coupon.  Use Walgreens Rewards, pay tax and earn $4.08 in Rewards.  So much toothpaste in my stockpile 🙂 🙂 🙂

Also got 25 points from Fetch Rewards, the rebate APP that doesn’t care where, when or how you shop!

Free BIC pens, Wite-Out, highlighters

This week at Walgreens you can stock up on BIC school and home supplies for less…well, free, actually 🙂 Read article last night about everything expected to be either in short supply or exceedingly expensive:  coffee (omg, they found my basement supply), school supplies (huh?), jet fuel and more.  Obviously, not shopping where we are.  Log in, clip the $5/2 BIC digital coupon and pick B1G1 50% off deals.  My OOP was 31¢ high tax.

packages that make me laugh

H Mart is our go-to for pot stickers and, in this case, miso (omg, talk about a difficult selection process!).  I’s nice to stroll the aisles on the off-chance there’s a deal on something (sea food looked great).  Not sure what these boxes contain (probably juice), but the names sure made us laugh.  “Honey, will you check my Sac Sac?  snicker

Woot! has a 27″ iMac for $649.99

Woot! deal on this Apple 27″ iMac Intel i5 2.9GHz 1TB for $649.99.  Apple products last and you can add more “stuff” to extend their lifespan way longer than any PC.  I have this size desktop (a few years newer) with much of the same hardware – Apple figures if it ain’t broke, don’t “fix” it, I guess 🙂  The size is big enough that we use it most of the time to watch Prime and Netflix shows instead of a tv.