shopping the buck & a quarter joint

Stopped in for tissue and about had a heart attack – bumping up prices by 25% means that unless you have a decent coupon and a coupon-friendly store, DT isn’t gonna cut it any more.  Ever wondered where the Jewel warehouse dumped all that Juniper brand sanitizing spray?  Now you know!

And isn’t this the cutest cup you’ve seen a long time?  The back side is the Bounty info for this 50 year old.

cheap body wash, shampoo & toothpaste

This week at Walgreens, you can combine deals to hit the $10 pickup threshold and also earn back most of what you paid in Wags Cash!

Buy two 20 oz Soft Soap body wash for $3.99 each, clip the $1 digital coupon; toss in four of the 7.5 oz pump bottle hand soaps at $3.99 each (BOGO 50% off).  Add two Colgate Total toothpastes to the cart and clip the $4/2 digital coupon.  Add two L’oreal Paris products, clipping both the $2/2 mfr coupon and the Walgreens $1 one.  Enter promo code NEWYOU for an extra 10% discount.  With tax, everything pictured came out to $18 and I earned over $13 in Wags Cash (used Wags Cash to pay for some of it).

And naturally, I scanned the receipt on Fetch Rewards, the APP that doesn’t care where you shop – even online! Scan the receipt and if there’s an item that’s part of a rebate, you get it automatically – otherwise you still get a minimum of 25 points; if there’s a manufacturer promo going on, you could get as many as 3,000 points! Don’t have it, sign up with code WVAB6 (asks at end, so make sure it’s entered before your first receipt scan ’cause you can’t go back).  Buy gift cards for Amazon, Panera, Target, Visa and more with as little as 3,000 points.