Amazon Front Page – deal or no deal?

I liked the old way Amazon had of putting daily and lightning deals on their front page – now it all seems to be sponsored products when you click.  Eight pages in for a deal (yeah, I know, you have to filter by low to high, but still!).  Here’s a group of front page deals or no deals, including the Prime 25% off deal when you spend $50.  I’m loading up on more toilet paper and paper towels with this week’s coupon, but if you don’t live near a store, their Presto paper products brand is really good if you want this deal.

Mystery Santa’s North Pole Express Bag

Mystery Santa’s North Pole Express Delivery Canvas Gift Bag – Prefilled with mystery gifts!  An INCREDIBLY popular item every year, a tradition for a lot of families to open together Christmas morning 🙂  Honestly, they’re a giant pain in the butt for us to assemble, but knowing it makes y’all smile makes it worth every second!  Limit one per customer – SHIPS FREE!

Note: We’re very sorry about the price increase this year. Not only did the cost of everything skyrocket, but the shipping carriers have increased our rates dramatically. We even debated offering them at all just because we didn’t want to increase the price, but ultimately so many of you count on this as part of your Christmas morning, we decided to offer it. Hope you understand.

Fetch has a gift card sale!

Now thru Sunday. Pack a bigger points punch. Pick up popular gift cards for less.

Ibotta is great, but often the rebate won’t include Jewel or Dollar Tree and that’s where Fetch Rewards comes into play, ’cause they don’t care where you shop (even online)! Scan the receipt and if there’s an item that’s part of a bonus rebate, you get it automatically in addition to the usual points – a minimum of 25 points per scan.  They usually have sign-up bonuses you get the first time you scan a receipt.  If you use my promo code, WVAB6, I will earn points for your sign up and make your first scan.  Buy gift cards for Amazon, Panera, Target, Visa and more with as little as 3,000 points; this weekend they’re offering discounts on lots of retailers. Once you start earning points you’ll see FREE items and bonus deals pop up on your Discover page. I’ve gotten and given lots of Amazon gift cards over the years 🙂

Note: You can use both Ibotta and Fetch on the same receipt.