75% off caffeine – need bigger trunk

Carts and carts and carts of coffee and tea today at Lisle Jewel, all marked down 75%.  Clearance cart also had cosmetics, roasted peppers in oil (from Italy) and more.  Pita and I had only stopped in for El Milagro tortillas, and since they only seem to carry Signature and Mission, it was a hard pass.  Walked back to the front, where the cart had been moved to the customer service area. Total was about $160, which included $10 for four pounds of blueberries and a full price bottle of blueberry wine Pita wanted to try.

Interesting deal on a dozen roses – only $5!  I’d gift myself, but self-love lasts longer than roses.

Starbucks coffee price isn’t included, since it’s a MUM purchase 🙂

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3 thoughts on “75% off caffeine – need bigger trunk

  1. Wow! How nice for you to find all of that. My store never has any clearance 75% off. I will check when I go get my roses though. How did we miss that deal anyway? It’s right on the top of the paper ad! I saw it on Facebook yesterday and thought it was a flash sale. I want the yellow ones!!! Thanks for the picture and reminder. I’m making a bouquet with my blooming oregano, which are purple. Reg. price is $12.99 for those roses it says!

    • I was honestly surprised because the past couple of months have only had 50% clearance, so I figured it was my new reality. Seeing so much stuff and right up front like that was weird; had we checked out at a far register, we would have missed them all. now i’ll have nightmares about missed opportunities

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