Walgreens rolls out the new rewards card


I’ve held up this post for two reasons:  1) Didn’t want to post and have corporate come down on any of the usual suspects (it’s becoming a very stressful place to work) and 2) I kept hoping the powers that be would get their heads out of their…well, you know the rest.

Coupons, Deals and More did a post a few days ago, which explains in more detail about how the rewards card doesn’t, but here’s my take on it.

If you go into a Walgreens store after the program has been running a few weeks and you don’t have a card you will be asked if you want a card.  Say no and cashier will call the manager to help you.  While the manager has the ability to mark down the price to reflect the cardholder price, in reality no manager wants to be written up for adjusting prices too often – red flag time!  So a customer either drinks the Kool-aid or gets a card or gets out of Dodge – no other options.

I’ve stopped in quite a few Walgreens over this week and seen lots of Scope on the shelves  – employees weren’t even aware that there was a promotion paired with a BOG1 50% sale with coupons!  A far cry from even six months ago.

My suggestion?   A name change to Walgreens Bait & Tackle Shoppe, ’cause pretty soon the aisles will just be full of crickets.

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One thought on “Walgreens rolls out the new rewards card

  1. There’s going to be a lot less inventory moving out of there, which means employee’s hours are going to get cut more. They’re already shuffling employees around and screwing with their pay. I’m comparing this loyalty card BS to what the morons did to JC Penneys. I’m just wondering how many months of crickets we’ll have to suffer through before they make another change and whether it will be for the better or even worse? I’m also curious how quickly the stock will fall.

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