Wags and Jewel

Just a short post ’cause PITA and I have to rush out to Wheaton Drama for 1776, the last (sob) show of the season.

OK, don’t hate me, but I picked up “a few Crackerfuls” and Right Guards, then turned the Crackerfuls $2 RRs into the Illy coffee deal.  By the way, the coffee rings up as low tax, so between the mfr and wags coupons and RRs, I ended up spending .58 for both items…multiplied out…


Then raced over to Jewel for most of the stuff in the picture; not pictured were the watermelon and Dr. Pepper.  (Got 2 Porterhouse steaks, 15 SBR sauce, 15 Hidden Valley, 2 Gonnella bun, OM hot dogs, 5 Cape Cod chips…and I forget what else.)  They were out of the Beggin’ Strips, so got a rain check for 30.  Total before coupons (hahaha) was $86+; after coupons, wts, a $8/80 cat and a few RRs, I was able to walk out spending $2.02.  Rats, I hate spending money…

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12 thoughts on “Wags and Jewel

  1. Friend, did you use those farmhouse Q’s on those ranches???

    Not judging. Wanted to do the same thing. But was a-feared.

    • Now this is where I would normally inject “my bad” if I had actually planned any of this. There is a difference in this stuff? Didn’t notice and nothing beeped. My advice is to go for it.

      • Well, The “farmhouse originals” are different. I know the Q works, but I didn’t know if the coupon nazis would say anything.

        We practically drink ranch dressing so I could really use to stock up.


  2. There isn’t too much body wash there… I found a few of our stores still hadn’t recovered from the last buy one get one sale, yet I still grabbed some. I scored a few crackerfuls, but didn’t expect much. AND was glad to be forewarned—thank you!!!

  3. Hmm, mashupmom said that the coffee says DO NOT SHAKE all over it. Anyone know why? Sounds kind of scary, even for free.

  4. Geneva!!! You use this sauce for THAT!? Did you shake the Illy can too?!?! Boy, this heat brings out those naughty rebels everywhere!!! : )

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