Ultra Unilever “glitch”

Got a call from Rachel about this weird glitch with the Unilever promo, so I just had to drive and check it out:  Ultra has a Buy 10 products, get an instant $5 off deal on Unilever products.  Apparently, when you buy the Skippy peanut butter, the first scan takes off $5 and the 10th scan takes off another $5!

Not sure if any of the other items are triggering this, but go ahead and try it, then let us all know.  I bought one Skippy Naturals and used the overage (it was $1.78 less the $5) to buy a large bag of sale charcoal.  Heck, use the overage to buy anything you want/need, like produce, salsa, meat… If you just run ten peanut butters, you will pay $7.94.  There are no coupon available, but 80¢ for a jar of Skippy ain’t half bad!

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