The “I heart Jewel shopping” post

We are having a blast with this sale!  I used up a ton of those store cats that PITA always finds; you know, the ones for FREE bakery bread, cleaning products, $SS off a frozen food purchase, etc.  Everything in this picture (two transactions) cost me $3.78 – $2.88 was tax!  Putting it on my Discover card earned me 5% cash back…hahahahahaha

I got four Palermo pizzas, two 1.25 Diet Cokes, four Johnsonville chicken sausages, small Tabasco, French bread, two Brawny single paper towels, 2L Diet ginger ale, two Finesse shampoos, 16 Lady Speedstick deodorants, lavender bleach, 3 Starbucks Refreshers…

I’ll head out again later, after we clip some of the Frigo coupons ’cause we loves us our string cheese.  Stacking the expensive stuff with those store cats taking $XX off a $20 or less purchase enables me to get the price down to tax or slightly higher.

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10 thoughts on “The “I heart Jewel shopping” post

  1. here is one for ya goddess . went to jewel this morning and picked up 21 of the marinades ( i had a rain check ) , 14 finess , 22 speed stick , 1 roll paper towel , 10 frozen pizzas and 1 2 liter of sierra mist . spent right around 5.00 saved about 115.00 . im on a roll . i have more of the finess coupons and more of the sierra mist coupons . i also have to go get all the starbucks drinks . i love my glendale heights jewel , all the ladies in front are the best ever.

    • Did you have to do any separate transactions for speedstick deal? Like is there a limit on how many you can get? How about All detergent deal? I know 5 doublers only but just wondering. Thanks

      • The Speedstick is a straight transaction, so no worries there. And there is no limit (let’s just say my purchases were in multiples of 100). The All/Snuggle deal has no limit and the double coupons aren’t tied to any one loyalty card. And however many you run depends on your mood, your store and your cashier. Lisle rocks.

    • I won’t say the idea didn’t cross my mind, especially since I like FREE, but the truth is that the smaller ones, I’ve been told, are nasty (they were .88 at Ultra earlier in the year). So my choice is paying $2.25 for a large pizza with lots of cheese and toppings or getting a small nasty pizza for free that the family will piss and moan about and not eat.

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