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Was looking for a different brand and color, but heck, cannot resist clearance hair color, so I grabbed these three (all they had) and hit checkout with my three $3 coupons from 1/28 S.  Used self-checkout.  Scanned the first box and the screen froze and said to call team member.  She came over and said it didn’t show a price in the inventory.  I said the woman in Beauty had just scanned it for me on her little scanner for $3.44 so couldn’t see why the register didn’t recognize the bar code.  Same thing with the next two, but the attendant just manually entered the price.  After the second box the gift card prompt appears, so she give me my $5 gift card.  Scan the first coupon and it takes off 94¢.  what?  Next two coupons say item not found.  Attendant doesn’t understand it either, so she pulls her supervisor over who manually overrides the system and enters $9.  Used REDcard and one 5¢ bag credit and walked out with my $5 gift card after paying $1.21. Wish I’d found a fourth Clairol, but that’s life and something I’ll obsess about long after today…

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2 thoughts on “Target hair color clearance – weird

  1. I remember there was some kind of Target gift card glitch a long time ago. I don’t know if it was ever fixed or not. So I did some searching and Totally Target has a very good explanation of the glitch.
    (The post is from 10/19/10 and is titled “The Knorr Report: A Little Different This Week”)

    It seems that whenever you are getting a Target $5 GC, the computer will subtract $10 from your subtotal. (If you’re getting two $5 GC, it will subtract $20 and so on.) It doesn’t actually subtract from your subtotal on screen, but it’s in the background (in computer’s memory). If the amount after subtraction is less than your coupons, you’re coupons will adjust down or not scan.

    I don’t know if that’s what happened to your transaction, but it kinda sounds similar.

    • Seems like Target gets away with 7 years of extra coupon money until the lawyers get involved; we all pray to the Target dog and he performs a weekend upgrade to the amusement of television cameras everywhere. but call me a cynic…

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