Target coupons (freebies in our future?)

Note:  They have now started putting passwords on this coupon site:  fatwalletdotcom works for all.

Last week Target had the Papermate 10-pk of stick pens for 99¢, but I wasn’t able to get the 99¢ Target coupon link in time.  Here is it for your pleasure. Since there will be tons of school supply sales at Target, there’s bound to be another Papermate go-round – this coupon expires 8/26.  These downloads are safe; I use this site all the time.  I’m going to hell, though…

Here’s a .50/3 packs of Crayola crayons.  Sucks because it’s the pencils that are on sale for 99¢!  Coupon expires 8/26.

I’ll keep my eyes opened for cheap/freebie deals on school supplies.  As long as you’re willing to stock up for the year and don’t mind hitting up Target, WM, Wags, CVS and the office supply stores (well, not at the same time!), you should have no problem getting it all for free or nearly so.  Hey!  At Walmart, they will give us cash back!  A school supply money-maker!


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9 thoughts on “Target coupons (freebies in our future?)

  1. Chris,
    You are the coupon goddess!! (And there is no thing as coupon hell – IMHO.) There’s passwords on these docs though. I signed up for a free account, because I am assuming that this would be your advice. Do we really need a password to download? I dropped mine in for the site and that is a no-go.

    • The password has always been something mind-numbingly simple. Try FatWallet (or any variation thereof), as this is a sub-board of them called Horny Manatee. I only troll through the best sites!

      • I totally get it, and that dear Goddess is why I am one of your loyal followers! Thank ya ma’am, I will try it now 🙂

  2. Thanks! My 21 year old is a server (At BW3’s… do you guys have these over there?) and you can NEVER have enough pens! BTW, how many do you run in a transaction??? My Target is next to Aldi’s… 9 year old & 15 year old drink TONS of their $1.69 milk/gallon a week, so we should have her stocked for ‘awhile.’ …ehem…

    • so the restaurant is too cheap to supply pens? would think they have their own printed up, can you say Vistaprint?? and then not mind the pens being ‘lost’.
      I try and run under the radar and do 4 per transaction – printed from 2 computers, dont’cha know! do 2 transactions per day at different cashiers if there is stock.
      last year the clothes closet attached to the food pantry were over the moon about getting pens for back to school!

      • Excellent idea! (Donating) And seriously who does ‘pens’ anymore? I remember logo napkins, matchbooks, wetnaps & definately pens at all kinds of places 20 years ago… today not so much. And with 4 girls, who ALL seem to have a pen/pencil/paper fetish, I will be a visiting Target!

  3. Hi,

    I am trying to print target coupons from fat wallet but am having trouble with password. I have tried: fatwalletdotcom,, welcome, fatwallet and non are working. Ideas?

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